Sunday, September 11, 2016

Last Week of Summer

I didn't plan any camps the last week of the summer so that the kids could just relax and enjoy their last week of freedom.  That did mean I needed to find childcare, though, which can be tough.

Things got a little complicated when Lindy came down with her cold.  I had to go out of town to SC for work so I had asked Lynn to watch Lindy and Will Monday and Tuesday.  She was actually going to keep them at her house and they were going to spend the night with her Monday night.  I was up and out the door at 6:30am that morning but Drew said Lindy woke up feeling really lousy.  Plan B went into affect and Lynn ended up coming to our house so Lindy could lie around at home.  They stayed at home Monday night instead of Lynn's.  Tuesday Lindy woke up a little better so Drew did take them over there Tuesday.  I got back from SC Tuesday evening.

Wednesday I had planned to take the kids to work with me.  In fact we did go do one work errand but then I ended up taking the kids to Lynn's.  My coworker is pregnant and I didn't want to get her - or the others - sick with Lindy's cold.  I knew it would be a long day if she didn't feel great.  Mimo saved the day (and the beginning of the week).

Drew was actually able to take a couple days off of work and so he stayed with them Thursday and Friday.  Thursday they went to see Pete's Dragon at the movies and then headed to PT for Lindy.  She got her brand new brace we had cast a couple weeks ago.  We were not too excited to go back up to an SMO but we will do what she needs.  Her PT is hoping it helps straighten out her feet a bit since they do turn in slightly. 

They left PT, went and grabbed dinner, and then met me at school for Open House.  What what?  How can it be time for Open House??!?  As usual, it was a pretty crazy night.  This year Will has two teachers so that was two classrooms to visit for him.  Lindy has one teacher and her vision teacher.  We got around to all four and then we headed to the playground to review what Lindy can and cannot do.  I think we were the last family to leave the school.  We also made some stops at old teacher classrooms to say hi. 

Friday they hung around the house so Lindy could continue resting and so they could just have a day to do nothing before school started.  They all enjoyed a day at home.  Friday night Drew and I took Will to watch the evening matches at the Winston-Salem Open tennis tournament.  Last year we took Lindy but she didn't enjoy it so we planned a special night for Will.  Lindy had fun hanging with Mimo - which she enjoyed much more than sitting quietly through tennis matches.  We had a lot of fun with Will.  We hardly ever do one on one things so it was nice.  We saw a great semifinal match and I actually got a ball signed by the winner while Will was in the bathroom.  The same guy went on to win the entire tournament so that was neat.  We stayed for the start of the doubles match before heading to get sister and then home. 

Saturday morning I was up and at Walmart at 7:30am getting school supplies.  I waited till I got teacher lists at Open House to go shopping.  But I wasn't going in the afternoon that weekend so I went super early.   We had a long Friday night with Lindy coughing all night long.  I told Drew if we were worried about Lindy's cough I thought we should call the doctor and get her in since school was starting Monday.  He called while I was at Walmart and they could see her at 9:30am.  Drew had to wake them up to go and wow they were not happy.  I came home to Will laying on the floor pouting and Lindy was just mad and saying she wasn't going.  They had been looking forward to sleeping in and were mad.  They got to sleep till 8am but it wasn't long enough for them I guess.

I had to go do some work stuff so Drew headed to the doctor with them.  Thankfully Lindy's lungs sounded clear, even though she sounded awful.  After the pneumonia a few years back, we don't mess with her cough too much.   None of the medicines we were giving her seemed to be making her better so we wanted to get it checked out.  Even though it turned out fine, I'm glad we checked.  I was gone most of the afternoon for work stuff but we got back and spent a lazy evening at home. 

Sunday we had church and then we went to Lynn's for lunch and to celebrate Ed and Brian's birthdays.  We had a nice lunch before heading home for the last night before school......

My coworkers and I checking out downtown Greensville, SC
 Drew taught us a new trick that involves crackers and windows down?!?!
 Hanging with the little man!
 Will and Bo

 We watched P. Carreno Busta win Friday night and he won the whole tournament Saturday!
 Uncle Drew and Ellie
Crazy, silly Aunt Anna!

Will and Drew petting silly Pooka

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