Saturday, August 6, 2016

Emerald Isle 2016

When we left off, Lindy and Will had spent time at my parents'.  They got back just in time for us to pack for our only beach vacation of the year.  We rented a house in Emerald Isle for a week.  It was a Sunday-Sunday rental so we were able to spend Saturday getting everything packed up.   We headed to church on Sunday the 10th and came home and threw all the packed  bags in the car.  Off we headed down the road to Emerald Isle.

It was our first time at Emerald Isle.  We had been exclusively Oak Island beachgoers for 10 years because Mimo had a house there.  She sold her house last fall so we took this time to try something new.  We rented a house with Bob and Suzette, Anna and Brian and Lynn.  We drove straight there - not even stopping one time - and arrived at our home for the week.  We had a nice house a 3 minute walk to the beach.  It worked out perfectly for our group.  It had ping pong in the basement, a nice hammock on one level, and comfy lounge chairs up top.  Best part was the view.  It was beautiful!  The only bad part about the house/location were the steps.  The house had 3 flights of steps that weren't too bad - except if you have bad knees and are scheduled for knee replacement surgery (like Suzette) or you're old (like Bob! ha!)  The bad steps were the ones to the beach.  Where we were located had huge dunes you had to go up and over.   There was no way you could use a cart or wagon.  You had to carry everything.  It was draining on everyone to lug everything down there each day.  We survived but it was kind of a pain. 

We took Sunday evening to get settled in and unpacked.  We walked to the beach and of course the kids ended up soaking themselves. 

Monday morning was our first beach day.  The water was rough the first couple days we were there.  I also think we are spoiled by the south facing Oak Island beach because the water is usually calm there.   Not that we really go deep in the water.  The kids aren't skilled enough swimmers to go out and they never really ask to go.  They like to jump waves but they have little interest in getting knocked down by a wave.  The adults don't go out in the water really either because of all the shark bites the last few years.  Too scary!  There had been a shark bite up the beach a few weeks before we were there so we knew the sharks were out there lurking.   We had a fun beach Monday with hot, sunny weather.

Tuesday we took it easy in the morning.  Drew, Bob and Will went and played putt putt and Drew and Will road the go-karts.   We did the beach in the afternoon.

Wednesday morning Anna, Brian, Bob, Drew and I went on a kayaking trip in the Bogue Sound.  It was a four mile trip with a stop for some swimming in the middle.  We all enjoyed our trip.  We thought we might have to leave Bob on the little swimming island in the middle but the old man did make it back.   We were glad we did it first thing as it was steaming hot by the time we got back.  We actually skipped the beach that afternoon and  Drew, Lynn and I took the kids to see The Secret Life of Pets. 

Thursday the kids skipped the beach again so Anna, Lynn and I headed down in the morning and got some good reading in!  Drew and Will went to the movies again and saw the BFG.  Both really enjoyed it and said it was great.  We headed out to eat that night and drove around the island a bit on the way home.  We also stopped at the Sweet Spot on the way home for ice cream.   We played the dice game LCR that night and it came down to me and Will.  The boy ended up winning when I had to put my last dollar in the middle.  He won $27 and was super excited!  He's rich!

Friday we went to the N.C. Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores in the afternoon.  We had a fun time exploring the fish.  We got to watch the divers do a talk in the shark tank and then later we got to see them feed the sharks and fish.  The big hit was the river otters that most everyone but Lindy and I went back to see.  Lindy and Will got to touch the sting rays and horseshoe crabs. 

Saturday was our last full day at the beach.  We got everyone and everything down to the beach and then a nasty storm came up.  We all headed back and spent a few hours inside.  Only Drew, Bob and I walked back down in the afternoon.  It was a lovely late afternoon reading on the beach for our last day.  Bob did take Will to play putt putt one more time at a place right near the house.  Will is a putt putt lover!

That sums up the week.  The kids weren't as interested in going to the beach this year as in the past.  There were plenty of grandparents who didn't always want to head to the beach so they could stay around the house with them.   Anna and I discovered Pokémon Go during the week.  We took a few walks around trying to catch Pokemons and figure out what we were doing.  We never really did figure it out! ha!

We enjoyed our first trip to Emerald Isle.  I love the beach.  It was hard to go back to work after a week off at the beach! 

We did stop on the way home in New Bern and had lunch with one of Drew's closest friends from college.  They have not kept in touch but we had recently tracked him down and it worked out to see them on our way home.  They have boys that are 8 and 10 and Will enjoyed playing with them.  We got home and my parents arrived 10 mins later with the dog.  They dropped him and ran and we got unpacked and sadly we got ready for the real world again. 

First night at the house, checking out the view of the ocean!
 Checking out the beach the first night
 Managing to soak themselves!
 One of my fave pics ever of my girl!!

 Beach girl!
 Boys and Bocci Ball

 Meditating in the sand

 Pokémon hunting!  ha!
 We helped Anna catch one!
 Even Grandbob helped! ha!
 Kayaking in the Cow Channel

 Stopped half way for a swimming break

 Low country boil dinner night by Drew Southern

Eating dinner out
 Followed by ice cream
 Winner winner chicken dinner!
At the NC Aquarium 

 They have a turtle that is visually impaired.  Lindy fell in love with it!

 Giving high fives to the diver in the shark tank!
Last day photos.  The closest I could get this crew to a family photo shoot.  I didn't even suggest the white shirts and tan shorts photo shoot on the beach.

 One group shot of everyone!  Last shot before leaving the beach.  Bye Emerald Isle!

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