Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lights, Camera, Action

The second week of August was a fairly normal week in our lives.  Lindy and Will spent the week at SciCamp at Lights, Camera, Action.  They ended up having a great week at camp.  They wrote, acted, and filmed short movies.  They did stop motion animation and they played with green screens.  Drew took the kids and picked them up every day but Friday because it was on his way to work.  I picked them up Friday and got to watch all the films. 

We gorged ourselves on the Olympics each night.  We did almost nothing else during the week. 

We did have a fun weekend though.  Friday night we went out to eat and then to Old Salem with Mimo.  Old Salem is celebrating its 250th birthday and this was a weekend they were having some celebrations.  We went and listened to music in the square from 7-8:30pm.  At 8:30pm  they had a light show on one of the buildings.  It was more like a movie that showed the history of Old Salem.  It was pretty neat and lasted about 20 minutes.  It was a very enjoyable evening we had.

Saturday we mowed in the morning, I took the kids to the pool for a little while, and then we went to the Wake Forest Fan Fest.  We met my friend Brian and his family there.  The kids did a few bounce houses, slides and obstacle courses and we got to see lots of football players.  It was very warm outside but thankfully they gave out free water.  We left there and headed downtown to eat dinner at the Camel City BBQ Factory.  It's a pretty neat, new place downtown.   They had some games downstairs on the tables for the kids to play, like connect four and rock 'em sock em' wrestling.   The kids had fun playing those until I took them to the Barcade on the third floor.  It's a legit arcade.  The kids all had fun playing games.  We eventually were able to drag them out the door.  We walked down to a little street festival that was going on for a few minutes and walked back through the Art Park.  It provided neat pictures!

Sunday we had church and then we went next door to meet the neighbors' foster baby.  Then we all went swimming.  The kids had fun at the pool having someone to play with.  

To see Lindy and Will's movies from camp:
Lindy - Click HERE
Will - Click HERE

Pics from the week:

Failed pic from camp! 
 Friday night at Old Salem

 Saturday night at the Fan Fest
 Lindy, Will, Isabel and Kevin.  (Isabel is the same age, but not same size as the kids! ha!) 

 Look at her posing with the quarterback!
 We went searching for tall players!

 Playing in the Art Park that is lit up with fun colors.

 Creepy but cool!


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