Saturday, August 6, 2016

More Camp

We had a big birthday at the end of the week but we had to get through a full week before the big day.    Lindy went back to SEE camp for another week.  She rode the bus 3 days that week.   The week before the bus left here at 8:13am and this week I had to ditch Lindy because the bus wasn't there at 8:25am.  I had to have Will across town by 9am so Lindy hopped in the car of her friend Preston and his mom got her on the bus.  Apparently it came right after we left. 

Will went back to Imprints camp that he had been to a couple times already this summer.  Our Monday didn't start out too smooth though.  I woke up to my cell phone not working.  I had a white apple that would not go away.  Will and I dropped Lindy off at the bus and headed to the elementary school where the camp had been held earlier in the summer.  We got there and guess what - no camp!  We went in to the main office and they told us that it had been moved to another school.  I had no cell phone so I couldn't even look it up.  They gave us directions and we were thankful that it was actually pretty close to the original school.  We made our way over there but we could not find out how to get into the school.  By the time I got checked in I was fit to be tied!  Thankfully my day got better from there!  Will went on some cool field trips last week.  He went to the Durham Life Sciences museum on Wednesday and to Linville Caverns on Friday.  No one else in the family has been to those places so he was excited to go! 

Lindy had a physical therapy appointment on Thursday morning so I took her to that.  She had outgrown one of her braces so Jill found another one for her to use.  We went up to an ankle height brace to try and correct her foot from turning in a bit.  We left there and I took her over to camp.  It was the last day of SEE camp so they had a camp lunch I went to at 11:30am and then they had a camp play performance and talent show at 1pm.  The play and talent show were at a local theatre and they did a cliff notes version of Peter Pan.  It was so good!  It was mainly the older kids but they gave all the little kids parts as well.  Lindy was an Indian.  She played the piano for her talent.  It was beautiful!  ha! 

Thursday night the kids spent the night with Mimo and Drew and I went to hear our friends Katie and Craig play some music.  They were singing at a local music hall.  We enjoyed our time out.  Mimo took Will to camp on Friday and then hung out with Lindy all day.  They ate lunch at McDonald's and went to Barnes and Noble to look at books.  

Lindy as an Indian in Peter Pan 

Taking her bow!
 The whole SEE camp, teachers and volunteers. 
 Her talent portion of the show

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