Sunday, August 7, 2016

Family Birthday Party

The kids enjoyed a few hours of playing with new toys while we got everything set up for the next go round.  At 4:30pm we had 12 family members come over to keep the party going.  We kept up with the Olympic theme but I changed to red, white and blue for the USA Olympic team.  We had lasagna, salad, and bread for dinner and more Olympic ring cupcakes for dessert.  The kids racked up with more presents from very generous family members. 

We were wore out after a very long day of celebrating Lindy and Will.  Never far from our minds was Adam.  We would give anything to have him here and celebrating with us. 

More pictures from the big 9th birthday.

We actually gave the kids our presents early in the morning, before the big birthday party. 
 We gave Will a keyboard for his birthday.  I wrapped up each part of it so he had more to unwrap.  He had no clue what this part was but he seems excited! ha!

 The stand.  He was still confused!
 It was a very Barbie birthday.  A dog Barbie and eye doctor Barbie!

 Oh.....a keyboard!

 He was very excited about his keyboard.  We are going to look into lessons.
 And now onto the birthday party. 

 Lindy was all about helping to feed Ellie.
 We sang first to Will that evening. 

 Mesmerized by the flame!

 Only Lindy would ask for a cane for her birthday. ha!

 Aunt Joan and Uncle Curtis
 Mimo, Aunt Jamie and Ellie
 Ms. Martha!
 GrandBob and Suzette
 GrandBob.  Oh GrandBob.  We were all watching in horror to see if he would break a hip.
 Nana and Papa
 Uncle Brian and Aunt Anna
 Wrapping up the Southern Olympics
 9??  How in the world can they be 9??

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