Saturday, August 6, 2016

Camps and Beavers

We got home Sunday night from the beach and we were up and going to camps on Monday morning.  Lindy started her long awaited SEE camp.  It's her camp for visually impaired kids.  It's 3 weeks in the summer but our beach week meant she was only able to go to two weeks.  She loves it there.  She learns all kinds of things there.  Including braille and cane walking.  Not sure how I feel about it but I think she thinks it's fun so.....

For the first time she rode the bus to camp.  We had to iron out a few kinks with the bus but it ended up being a good experience.  The second day of the camp they left her and I had to drive her to camp.  Which was fine but the camp director had been telling us 8:30am and they left her at 8:13am.  We got there at 8:20am.   Ummm, not gonna fly in my book!  They didn't leave her again but we did start showing up a few minutes earlier. 

Will went to tennis camp at the park across the street.  He's done tennis lessons twice and been the only boy so he was excited to have another boy at tennis camp.  There were actually only 4 of them so it was great to get lots of teaching.   He had a hot but good week and he got the most improved trophy at camp! 

It was probably the hardest week of the summer because the kids were at different camps (in different towns, actually!) that got out at different times.  Lynn (Mimo) was able to help me on Monday but then she went out of town.  I only had to do it three days because their camps were both four day camps.  I didn't get a lot of work done that week. 

Thursday night we headed to my parents' because the Beavers were in town!  They had headed to Charlotte for the evening so we got there and waited for them to come back.  Then we had a fun weekend playing with them.   We went out on the boat and went tubing on Friday and Saturday.  We stopped for lunch and we rode around the lake.  Lindy and Will both fell asleep on the boat!  We also ran through a rain storm that afternoon.  We also had lots of fun playing in the pool.  Sunday morning my mom and Hayley went with me shopping and I got a bunch of stuff for Lindy and Will's birthday party the next weekend.  Amy and Lindy swam for 4-5 hours together!  We swam when we got home from shopping before dinner.  We hated to head home Sunday evening but work and more camps were calling for the week. 

Lindy getting ready to head to camp in the bus! 

 The most improved player and his little bitty trophy!
The crazy haired ladies - Lindy and Nana!
 Amy and Lee
 Will and Rylee
 Hayley and Lindy
 Rylee and Lindy playing dogs
 Me, my mom and sister
 Lunch on Saturday with Amy, Rylee and Amy's friend Shelly
 Saturday night the Beavers gave Lindy and Will birthday presents. 

 Aunt Amy explaining the money is for her to get her ears pierced!  What what?
 Circuit Maze for Will
 Dog earrings!!

 He fell asleep again on Sunday evening.
 Lindy and Awesome Aunt Amy!

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