Thursday, July 21, 2016

4th of July Weekend and First Grandparent Camp

VBS week wore us out but we did manage to have some fun on Saturday.  We caught up on chores in the morning and then we went to visit the Korner's Folly, a landmark in town that we had not yet visited.  Will asked if we could go and we had a pretty random and free afternoon so we checked it out.  It was a really cool and quirky house in town.  It's hard to even explain what it is.  It's an old house but it was setup super weird.  Some rooms were not even 6 feet tall.  Some had the tiniest doorways ever.   It was a great self guided tour that we really enjoyed. 

Saturday evening we had some friends over for dinner.  Drew was on call but he rarely actually gets called out.  In the 10 months he has worked for Hospice he has been called twice.  Wouldn't you know it that he got a call and had to leave that evening.   We had a chaotic evening without him.  He normally grills and I had to do that and the dog wouldn't really calm down.  It was fun but kind of crazy. 

After church on Sunday, we packed up and headed to my parents' to celebrate the 4th of July with them.  Sunday we swam in the pool and my mom and I went shopping Sunday evening at Target.  That evening my mom and I took the kids to town to see the fireworks that the town of Mooresville puts on. 

Monday was the 4th of July and we just had a day of playing in the pool.  We walked down to one of their neighbors and fed the fish off his dock and we fed these huge crawfish he found.  I've never seen them so big!!  That evening two of their neighbor friends came over for dinner.   One of them (same one we fed fish with) went swimming with Lindy and Will and they had a blast with him.   We had a nice evening getting to know their friends and neighbors. 

Tuesday morning Drew and I got up and drove home.  We dropped the dog and headed to work.  The kids stayed with my parents the rest of the week. 

They did a lot of swimming, they went to Lego time at the local library, played with my dad's erector set, and played and swam with the neighbor kids across the street.  They had a good time and the week went by quickly. 

Friday afternoon I left work and went home to pick up the dog.  I headed back to meet my parents' and make a kid - dog exchange.  I took the kids and they took the dog.   We came back and we went over to Ed and Jamie's to see baby Ellie.  She is getting big and fun.  Lindy got to help give her a bath and I got to give her a bottle and rock her to sleep! 

We spent the rest of the weekend packing for our beach trip.  We had church on Sunday morning and our friends from our old church, Faith, and friends from the UMAR houses came to worship with us.  We had a great morning seeing everyone. 

Korner's Folly tour

 The top floor is a theatre with a stage.  My family all did a talent.

 There was a kissing corner in one of the rooms.

 July 3rd fireworks!

 July 4th Fun!
 Throwing Pop-its!

 Feeding fish with Mr. Ric.
 Playing in the pool with Mr. Ric

Staying with grandparents apparently means Diet Coke.   
 Lego night at the library
 Building with the Erector Set
 Loving on Sadie Jo
 Hanging with cousins Molly and Ellie
 Brushing Ellie's hair

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