Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The last week of June was all vacation bible school!!  What a fun and exhausting week it was!  Our church had not done a VBS in over 12 years.  Three of us worked together to pull one off.  I think it turned out great and I think everyone loved it and had fun!  The crazy part is that we planned the VBS in a little over 5 weeks.   A lot of hard work but we did it!  We did the Workshop of Wonders VBS from a couple years ago.

The week started on Monday morning with the kids going back to camp.  It was the same program, but this time it was in WS.  They enjoyed the week but the camp was much bigger than the week before.  I don't think either of them loved that.  But they had friends there from school so that was fun.  The theme of the week was the Olympics.  They took a big field trip on Wednesday.  They went to the Charlotte Panthers stadium to take a tour.  They didn't get to go in the Panthers locker room but they went in the visitors.  They also went to a park to play.  Their field trip on Friday was to a local park in the morning to play Frisbee golf and then to the bowling alley in the afternoon. 

VBS began each night at 6:30pm and lasted till 8:30pm.  We all had long days of work and camp and then doing VBS each night.  Drew was the opening/closing ceremony leader each night.   He also led the elementary aged kids around to each station.  I was the bible story room each night.  I had three groups rotate through each night.  I also did all the powerpoints and music for the opening/closing ceremonies.  We were proud of our little church for all the volunteers that made the week happen.  We had 23 kids participate which was a great number.  Ten are regular church members and the rest were grandkids and a few neighbors.  We had a four day VBS so we were done on Thursday night. 

Sunday we had VBS Sunday at church.  The kids and leaders sang all the songs and Drew talked about what we learned.  It was a nice wrap up to what we learned last week.  The air conditioning broke in the sanctuary so it was a hot morning to do some dancing! 

Some pictures from our Workshop of Wonders:

Our set for the Opening and Closing Ceremony
Drew as 'Sandy Paper'

 The VBS Adult Leaders

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