Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stomach Bug Attack

As great as the weekend was, it went downhill pretty quickly on Tuesday.  Drew and I both had stomach problems most of Tuesday but I thought it must have been something I ate.  I didn’t realize Drew was having stomach problems until late in the afternoon.  The kids had Tuesday off of school too and Will had mentioned his stomach had hurt that morning but Drew said he was fine.   I walked in the door at 6pm from a late meeting and was met with Lindy throwing up on the kitchen floor.  She had started throwing up at 5pm.  She was pretty consistently throwing up for a couple hours before she finally fell asleep on the couch.  She slept for a couple hours and woke up and threw up for a couple hours.  She did that most of the night.  What I thought was just an upset stomach might have really been a stomach bug for Drew and me.

Lindy stayed home from school on Wed.  I spent the morning with her and Drew spent the afternoon with her.  She threw up a couple times in the morning from drinking too fast.  I walked out of the room one time and she chugged half a glass of Sprite.  She promptly threw it up and got a big lecture.  We started in with ice chips every 10-15 mins and finally things started staying down.  She was actually pretty normal by afternoon.  She enjoyed her day of laying around watching shows on the iPad. 

Will never did get sick, thank goodness.  Drew and I each had some sort of relapse at the end of the week.  Nothing really happened to me but I felt nauseous and just not good on Thursday.  Drew experienced a similar thing on Saturday. 

Friday night Drew and I went out to eat with some new friends from the kids’ school.  Well we’ve known them all since last year when we all had kids in the same class (Will’s).  Patrick is in a different class this year but Will and Katie are together again this year.  We had a nice time and it was fun getting to know new people.  Ms. Martha watched the kids for us and the kids loved it. 

The weekend wasn’t a ton of fun.  It was more of getting life and house in order.  I’ve been on a roll each weekend trying to get things in order.  This weekend I worked on filing and taxes.  But I think I’m ahead of the game for taxes so that is pretty sweet!  The only thing the kids and I did on Saturday was go get haircuts and go to the grocery store.  Drew was in and out all day but the kids and I spent most of it at home.

Today we had church and then more stuff at home.  I’ve developed a new illness which I think is sinus related.  I think I had fluid in my right ear because I can’t hear well out of it.  I have a ton of snot and haven’t felt great all day.  We are ready for everyone to be healthy again.  Will also had copious amounts of snot and we are all tired of it!

Here’s hoping for healthy, snot-free week!

Fresh haircuts from the Tom and Jerry fansIMG_6441
Church this morning.  She looks long – but I think it’s the dress!DSC_2852
Stud with his hands in his pockets!

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