Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Birthday Weekend

We had to get through the whole week to make it to the very special day of my birth.  Somehow we managed – although it was hard.

Nothing much happened last week except an icy day off of school.  Tuesday night we went to bed and at 5:17am we got a two hour delay call.  Somewhere around 7:30am we got the call that school was actually cancelled.  And the kids hooped and hollered for joy.  I went to work late but I did have to go for a couple meetings.  The roads were fine by the time I headed in. 

It was a fun week for Will.  He was student of the week so he had special privileges all week.  He got to make a poster and show his class.  It had pictures of all the things he liked and his family.  It got to hang in the hall all week too.  He got to do a share every day of the week.  He took two magic tricks in.  He was supposed to be the flag holder on the Eagle Eye news on Wednesday but school was cancelled.  I think she has him rescheduled for next week though.  We went in on Thursday and had lunch with him and got to do a share with him.  Drew and Will did a magic trick together  - one Will had to have a partner (assistant) for and one he’d been really wanting to show his class.  We also read one of Will’s favorite books, If I Built A House.  On Friday he got his teacher to play Happy and the class got to dance for his share!  He’s so goofy!  On Friday I also volunteered at school the entire morning which was nice.  I hardly get to do anything in their classrooms this year.  They had Serendipity Day.  We don’t know where the name comes from.  They pick an author and all 5 1st grade classrooms read a different book by the author and do a craft.  The author last week was Jan Brett.  I was in Will’s class and the kids got to decorate a gingerbread man after reading the book.  We had to keep getting everything ready for each class that came in.  They actually mix all the kids up between classes.  There are usually about 5 from each class.  Lindy and Will actually ended up in the same class that day.  Lindy liked sitting by him. 

Friday afternoon I sat in the DMV office for 2 hours renewing my license that was getting ready to expire.  Then the fun weekend started.  My thoughtful hubby planned a surprise dinner with friends Friday night.  We ate Italian with Katie and Kris and Ed and Jamie.  We hung out after dinner and then Drew and I spent the night in downtown WS at the Brookstown Inn.  It was nice to have a night away and the chance to sleep in in the morning. Mimo was the sweet one to come help Drew pull off his surprise and the kids were super excited to spend time with her.  We came home Saturday around lunchtime and got a few things done around the house.  That afternoon Bob and Suzette showed up.   They had been in the area for a funeral but I think they really just wanted to celebrate me on my special day.  Ed and Jamie came over and we had a little celebration of Jamie that night.  Bob got us pizza – but no doughnuts.  I mean, who doesn’t get the birthday girl doughnuts?  Bob doesn’t!  Bob and Suzette headed out but Jamie and Ed stuck around and did some Just Dance 2015 with Will and me. 

Sunday – my actual birthday – we headed to church and to lunch with Mimo.  After lunch we packed an overnight bag and headed out to Cary for the evening.  We spent the night with my best friend, Carrie. It was fun to celebrate my birthday with her.  She cooked yummy lasagna and a yummy cake.   Even if it wasn’t rainbow chip frosting.  They looked in 5 stores for my favorite icing.  What nice friends I have!  The kids had fun playing together.  The adults had fun chatting after the kids went to bed! 

Will really did have a big week because he lost his other front tooth Sunday night at Carrie’s house.  Actually I knocked it out!!  While brushing his teeth that night.  He had done them and I was going over them and I thought I saw something and then I heard something hit the floor.  He had no clue it had happened.  I didn’t know it was that loose.  I gave up caring about it when he wouldn’t pull it out before Xmas.  I hadn’t wiggled it in a long time.  He thought it was cool it happened in Cary.  And don’t worry, the tooth fairy found him in Cary!

Monday we got up and I headed out to brunch with more good friends, Cathy and Anita.  Cathy made a yummy brunch for us and Anita made yummy cupcakes.  Anita looked in 3-4 stores for rainbow chip frosting.  I love my friends!!!   Anita ended up making her own rainbow chip frosting – what a gal!  It was great to catch up with them, even if we needed about 6 more hours to finish our talking! ha!

While I was gone, Carrie dropped Drew and the kids off at a friend of Drew’s who lives in the same neighborhood.  Drew has known Greg since elementary school.  They spent the morning with them and I got over there a little before lunch.  We all headed to lunch together and then we dropped Sloan back off at their house.  Greg, Hannah, and David did join us for an afternoon adventure to the Museum of Natural Science in downtown Raleigh.  We’d never done any museums down there so we checked it out.  I’m glad it was free because it was okay for the kids.  They had fun running around but I don’t know how interested they were in any exhibits.   We still had fun hanging out together.  We all headed out around 4pm and we got home around 6pm.

It was a fun, long weekend of celebrating my birthday!!

Another super cute outfit!
She insisted on trying on her old glasses one night.  She looked so much different.  And goofy!
Will had a pretend birthday party for me one night.  Complete with a cake.
And presents!DSC_2806
Friday at school during serendipity day.  Decorating their cookies. IMG_6412
Our super cool room at the Brookstown Inn.IMG_6415
It’s dark but it’s the only picture I have from Friday night.IMG_6416
Saturday night dance party.  Uncle Ed has moves we didn’t know about!
Will’s face is so funny!  He takes his dancing seriously!
Sunday morning present time!  Money, money, money.DSC_2824DSC_2826DSC_2828
My BFF from high school, Carrie.  We’ve hardly changed!IMG_6417
Sweet baby Nora!  I didn’t get one of all the kids but Nora is so cute!!IMG_6425
The Toothless Wonder!
Excited the tooth fairy found him in Cary!IMG_6422
Brunch with these lovely ladies!  I’ve known Cathy since high school too!  We also lived together two years.  Anita came in the picture in college so I’ve known her forever too.  Old chums are the best Smile IMG_6430
Monday afternoon at the museum.
We saw a Beaver.  We love beavers.  Especially the Hayley and Rylee Beaver kinds.
Little people under the world!
Bigger people in the world!
Drew and Greg and their offspring!  They haven’t changed either!IMG_6431

It was so much fun to catch up with so many old friends.  Old as in we’ve known them a long time, but also old as in – we are getting old.  ha!