Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week in Mooresville and Drew’s Birthday

We used to always go to Ohio for a week after Christmas to be with my parents and sister.  Although my parents are now in NC, I still like to spend the week with them and my sister.   We usually only see my sister and nieces twice a year (although it was 3 times this year! yay!).

The kids and I stayed the rest of the week in Mooresville while Drew came and went.  The kids love playing with their cousins and it’s easier to have them around other kids to play with than have them at home the whole time fighting with each other.

We really didn’t do a lot of outside activities but the kids played their hearts out.  We ventured out for an afternoon of bowling and dinner out.  I had my best three games of bowling ever and my possible highest ever score.  We did a lot of dancing (Just Dance 2015) and board games with the kids.

My mom, sister and I ventured out a few times to look around and get food.  I felt like all we did for a week was feed people.  We fixed breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If we weren’t fixing it we were preparing it for the next meal.  I was so tired of feeding people by the end of the week!

We spent New Year’s Eve at their house too.  The kids actually stayed up till midnight.  Much to my dismay!  Aunt Amy is definitely a cool aunt.  She had balloons for every hour that the kids got to pop.  They started tuckering out after 11pm but they held on.  When the clock struck midnight Will disappeared and we found him in bed asleep a few minutes later!

We had a great week.   It’s always interesting to see who buddies up with who.  Will and Rylee were inseparable this trip.  They did everything together.  Lindy spent more time by herself – by choice.  She wouldn’t join in with them when they asked.  Hayley was a great helper, babysitter, and aggravator to her sister!  Love spending time with them!

We had our Xmas dinner on Saturday the 27th.  Yummy prime rib!IMG_5355
We stole a Southern Family tradition and had the first Crozier Family kickball game.  It was actually fun to get out and enjoy the pretty weather.
I got all the girls these pillows you decorate and Hayley helped Lindy do hers. 
Playing Headbandz Act Up!DSC_2724DSC_2734
Dancing – check out my boy half naked.  ha ha!DSC_2743
Sweet grandkids all dolled up for New Year’s Eve!DSC_2763DSC_2767DSC_2773DSC_2782

I got to play with Rylee’s hair and did some fun braids for her!IMG_5435IMG_5439
Hayley got makeup for Xmas and did all the girls’ makeup for NYE!IMG_5447
Aunt Amy made fun drinks for the kids.IMG_5450
In which Lindy promptly went and threw up.  IMG_5453
They made it to 12am!
Thursday night we did a January birthday celebration for Drew (the 2nd), me (the 18th) and my dad (the 27th)  The kids made the sign!IMG_5454

We packed up on Friday morning and headed home.  Friday, the 2nd was Drew’s birthday!   We did presents, a birthday haircut, and we had some friends over for dinner.  I think the old man enjoyed his day.  I’m married to an old man.  Who is currently in his last year of his 30’s.  The dirty thirties as Lindy likes to call them.  Yeah, who knows!

The kids got Drew some new music on iTunes.  They got him some musicians we heard in New Orleans this summer.DSC_2793DSC_2794DSC_2796
Drew celebrating with a banana pudding.  DSC_2797

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