Thursday, January 22, 2015

Back at it

Christmas break was awesome.  Two weeks off of school and work (for me anyway).  As all things do, it ended.  Monday, January 5th came bright and early.  It was hard for all of us to get up and get back to the daily grind.  I like the schedule of school and work but the thought of starting it all back up was not a good one.

There wasn’t too much excitement during that week.  Lindy had an ophthalmology appointment on Jan. 6th.   She was way overdue.  We missed her yearly appointment and then when we called to reschedule that was the first they could get her in.  I took her to school but Drew picked her up an hour later and took her.  The doctor got the first ever 20/200 which is legally blind.  She’s always been close but he had never gotten it.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.  She has severe vision loss and I think I pretty much knew it but it was just different to actually hear it.  Doesn’t change anything we do for her.  He said what it could change was our taxes.  He is going to see her back in 6 months and see if he gets it again.  I told Drew I want to figure out the pros and cons to her being labeled that.  Maybe there are no cons but I am going to start asking.  He said she doesn’t really use her right eye much.  I didn’t like to hear that either.  But overall nothing major changed.  They dilated her eyes and she got the little sun glasses and she thought she was hot stuff.  She showed the office staff at school and took them out to recess.  Funny girl.

The other news for the week was the temperatures.  It got down to 9F one night – which is way low here in NC.  We thought for sure we’d get a two hour delay and we didn’t.  Everyone else in the area was on a delay but us and the next county.  It was so cold, even just walking kids into school.

Last weekend we did nothing and it was awesome.  By nothing I mean nothing outside this house but I did so much inside.  I got Xmas packed up and put up and it felt great to get my house back. I worked all weekend.  We took a break for church on Sunday morning but I stayed busy the rest of the time.  I did go grocery shopping on Sunday so I guess I did do something outside the house.

Wearing a cute new outfit
Wearing a warm outfit on the coldest day!IMG_6388
Will’s warm clothes!
Cute church clothes on Sunday

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