Sunday, February 8, 2015

On the Mend

I never wrote a post last week because nothing good happened the week before.  Recall three of us had some version of the stomach bug the week before that.  We finally all seemed to get over that but Lindy, Will, and I seemed to move straight into a cold.  We sniffed all weekend but we all went to work/school that Monday.  I checked Will’s temp that morning and he didn’t have one.  Despite the massive amounts of snot, he seemed okay.   When I got home that evening he had different clothes on – Drew said they were covered in snot – and he was sporting a temperature.  He never felt horrible but we decided he would stay home on Tuesday.

I got Lindy up and out of her room and got her dressed and we headed to school.  I dropped her off and then stuck my head in Will’s class.  I told his teacher he was home sick and said she had 5 out on Monday and two were confirmed flu.  uggggg.  I called Drew and said to watch him like a hawk.  He slept till almost 9am but Drew said he woke up okay.  He had snot, a cough, etc but wasn’t too bad.  A little after lunch, he threw up.  Drew thought it was maybe just snot but he did it a couple more times.  He called the doctor and got him a 2:50pm appointment.  I headed to get Lindy from school and Drew got Will to the doctor (with a throw up on the way to the doctor).  Wouldn’t you know it he tested positive for the flu.   agagag.  My worst nightmare!  I rarely freak out about their health anymore but the flu cases had been making my skin crawl.  He got a prescription for Tamiflu for Will and Lindy.   We started them that night. 

Will was never super sick.  He did miss three days of school since he had a cough and so much snot.  Lindy went to school on Wednesday but she had a fever Wednesday night.  We watched her closely too but we knew she was already on Tamiflu.  Wednesday night, Drew started feeling bad.  He got worse and worse throughout the night and it was obvious he had the flu.  With him down, I stayed home Thursday and we all had a sick day.  I felt fine early that morning but by mid morning I wasn’t feel great either. I had a splitting headache and I laid on the couch all day.  I got up when the kids needed something but otherwise we all just laid around.   The kids and I seemed to make a rebound and felt better that evening.  We all made it to work and school on Friday.  Saturday the kids and I got up and disinfected everything we could find.  I handed the kids Clorox wipes and told them to wipe everything they could.  I cleaned all day long. 

Drew was the sickest one who took the longest to get over the flu.  It was Saturday night before he finally started feeling better.  He went to church on Sunday but didn’t touch anyone.  We watched the Super Bowl from the comfort of our home so we didn’t share any more germs. 

You certainty didn’t want pictures of our week – so I skipped blogging.

This week has been better.  Drew is still getting over the tiredness.  I have had a cold all week.  Two weeks with a cold is really annoying.  The kids seemed to have made a full recovery. 

I had to go to Raleigh for work Wednesday and Thursday but got home just in time to join the family at the PTA meeting Thursday night.  They were recognizing the science fair winners.  Because Will won honorable mention, he was recognized.  I met them there and saw the presentation. 

Friday I picked the kids up from school and we headed to my parents’ house after.  We spent the night with them Friday night and hung out with them all Saturday.  We headed to a local pet store to see the dogs they had for adoption – for my parents.  They have different rescue organizations bring in dogs on Saturdays.  They have started looking at dogs so we checked it out.  We went and got some stuff for the kids’ Valentines before heading back to their house.  The weather warmed up quite a bit and we were able to go outside for a bit.  The kids rode big wheels – something they have never done.   My parents have had them but for a long time they weren’t tall enough to reach the pedals.  Then we forgot about them.  We rode up and down the street and we watched Will fly down a little hill.  Thankfully it was into a cul-de-sac and he finally came to a stop!  They had a blast riding them around the driveway and sidewalk.  We ate dinner, took baths and then headed home for bedtime. 

Today we had church and then we hung out at home.  It was a beautiful 65F winter day so we headed outside to play for a bit.  The kids got some paint supplies from the Beaver family for Valentine’s Day and they enjoyed that this afternoon.

Still don’t have a lot of pictures, but here are a few.

One of the days just Lindy went to school, we were both ladies in purple.
Cute girl!
Science fair presentations at the PTA meeting.
IMG_6454IMG_6457IMG_6458 - Copy
One of the dogs, Paisley, at the adoption fair.  Lindy would have taken this boxer home.  She was a nice, calm puppy!IMG_6464
Rough and tough big wheel riders!

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