Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow! And Pee, Poop, and Puke

Last week was eventful – but not for good reasons.  We had our first chance of winter weather on Monday.  The kids went to school but were getting out two hours early.  They actually called it pretty accurately because it started snowing around 3pm.  It snowed for a good while and then turned to sleet and finished the night that way. 

School was cancelled Tuesday – and Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday.   That kind of sucked.  We went out to play in it Tuesday morning and we got some decent sledding in on our driveway.  The sleet helped put a glaze of ice on top of it so it was good for sledding.  Will had fun once he got out there but he wasn’t fond of the whole getting dressed part.  Lindy and Drew went out again in the afternoon to play and they scraped the driveway.  By that time a lot had melted so you couldn’t play or sled anymore. 

It was a perfect time to get a dog.  NOT.  Not only did we have our first snow, we set record low temps during the week.  Thursday and Friday we woke up to 0F and feels like temps of below zero.  This just doesn’t happen in NC!  So anything that melted during the day, froze right up at night.  Hence school being cancelled all week.  The dog was pretty funny when it was actually snowing.  He was bouncing all around in it.  And he actually did okay in the snow when it was done.  He did not like the cold temps.  Me neither.  Not when we had to take him out in it.  Not when we are trying to potty train him.  It was really no fun.  Over the weekend it finally started to warm up and melt and our backyard became a big mud pit.  So that was fun to take the dog out in and have to wipe him off every time we come inside with him.   My kitchen floor was so nasty with pee, poop and mud all over it all week.  It was so dirty during the day and then I mopped it every night.  I told Drew I wasn’t sure how my floors could be so clean and so dirty all at the same time.  ha!

I went to work Wednesday afternoon for a few hours but then ended up working from home the rest of the week.  Thursday morning Drew came down with the stomach bug.  Will had had a quick bout of diarrhea on Monday afternoon and now I think the two were probably related.  I’m totally blaming Will for this one.  ha!  I think maybe he was the carrier but just wasn’t affected much by it.  But it hit Drew full blown and he was sick until Saturday with it.  So now we had a new dog, snow and mud outside and a sick daddy. 

And on Friday night at 3am we added a sick Lindy to the equation.  She woke up throwing up and continued to do so for 36 hours.  It obviously slowed down over Saturday afternoon and into Sunday, but she could not keep anything down.  We tried every thing we knew to do and it kept coming back up.  I called the on-call nurse Sunday morning hoping they could call in a prescription for Zofran but they wouldn’t.  They needed to see her first so we got an appointment for 2:30pm.  I was hoping she’d have stopped throwing up again and I could cancel.  We went and she threw up in the parking lot.  They gave her Zofran and Sunday evening she started keeping fluids down.

We knew we were keeping her home from school Monday but we didn’t expect to wake up to her having diarrhea.  Poor girl just couldn’t get over this bug.  She had 5-6 bouts during the day.  She did start eating a tiny bit and drinking a little more but her stomach hurt all day.  The introduction of food for the first time since Friday gave her a lot of tummy aches all day.  She finally napped in the evening and woke up to eat some chicken noodle soup.   We put her to bed and thankfully didn’t hear from her all night.  I hope one more day of rest will heal her so we can get our spunky girl back! 

I’ll share some fun pics with you – not the gross ones.  ha!

Wearing appropriate clothing on Monday!DSC_2918
Checking out the first flakes and playing with Aiden. DSC_2922DSC_2924DSC_2925DSC_2928IMG_6539
She enjoyed the snow
Will decided to stay inside and read the newspaper.  ha!DSC_2932
Snow fun on Tuesday!DSC_2935DSC_2937DSC_2940DSC_2944DSC_2946DSC_2947DSC_2950DSC_2955DSC_2956DSC_2959
Sweet puppy in the snowDSC_2961
Daddy and Lindy built a mini snowman in the afternoonDSC_2964
We made a batch of snow cream.  It was a little icy because of the sleet.
The kids are slowly becoming more comfortable around the dog.  He likes to jump on them and sniff them.  They have worked and gotten much better at just standing and then he will get down.  When they back up and try to run he thinks they are playing and keeps jumping.DSC_2975
The dog has sharp teeth so we told Will to keep his hands up.  He now walks like this in the kitchen.
He can be a good snuggler when he wants!DSC_2977DSC_2979DSC_2981
Poor Girl
Cuddling with her puppy dog!

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