Sunday, March 8, 2015

More Snow

We had planned to keep Lindy home from school one more day to rest up.  Tuesday morning we got a call at 5:30am saying school was on a two hour delay.  I wondered why until I looked outside and it was snowing.  A lot!  Big huge flakes really coming down.   Less than an hour later we got a call saying school was cancelled.  A snow storm snuck up out of nowhere.  The weather people said there might be flurries but it was a full on snow storm for a bit there.  It kind of worked out since Lindy didn’t have to miss another day of school. 

Apparently there was more snow on side roads on Wednesday because school was cancelled again!!  The kids had another day at home while awaiting the next snow storm.  Wednesday night after we put the kids to bed it started snowing again.  Big, fat flakes for hours!  When we woke up Thursday morning we had 4 inches of snow.  They had called school on Wednesday night so it was another day off for the kids.  We headed out in the morning to play.  It wasn’t great sledding snow but it was great snowman building and snowball snow.   Of course we knew school was cancelled on Friday.  The kids have missed 7 days of school the last two weeks!   That’s a lot of days off!   After the snow started melting on Friday we got a big huge muddy mess in our yard.  Which has been fun to take the dog out in. 

Friday night I had my mothers of multiples consignment sale.   Thankfully I didn’t have much to sell because I didn’t tag anything until Thursday night.   I got to shop and then I had to cut tags at the register Friday night.  

Saturday we had another day at home until Aunt Anna came to visit.  She came to visit because she was going with Drew and me to a concert in Mount  Airy.  Janice, an oldie but goodie babysitter, watched the kids for us while we headed to eat and then to the concert.  We met up with Ed and Jamie and their friends Rachel and Danny.  We also met up with Katie, Kris, Micah and Claire.  It was a tiny little theater in Mount Airy and we watched a great performance by one of our favorite performers, Pokey LaFarge.  It was such a great show.   We had a blast!  It was such a small theatre the band just hung out with the people at the concert during intermission and afterwards.  We got pictures with all the band members.   It was the third show we’ve seen them at and each one has been great!

And just when we thought the winter weather was over – it wasn’t!  We had some freezing rain this morning and church was cancelled.  We had a most lazy morning and then we went out to lunch with Anna and Mimo.  We hung out at the house and then Drew, Mimo and I went to the first of a 9 week Dave Ramsey course.  Anna watched the kids for us and they had a blast playing with her. 

The kids are headed back to school tomorrow – yahoo!!!!  Hopefully winter is OVER!!

Will’s cool lego ball he built this week.DSC_2984
Early morning out in the snow on Thursday morning.
Lindy has been wanting to build a snowman and this snow was great for it!
The sweet pup!
The band members of Pokey Lafarge!
Even the cat has been cute lately!IMG_6619
Silly pup.  He reminds me of a goat on top of something.  Ha!IMG_6621

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