Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Back to Normal

We went to work and school for five days!  What what?!?!  It was good to get our schedule back.  I don’t think the kids enjoyed getting back to school and homework so much.

The week was spent doing all the normal things.  The kids had a writing assignment instead of spelling and reading this week.  I thought the writing assignment was dumb though.  They had to write about how to build a snowman with lots and lots of details about how to build the bottom, middle, and top.  You build them all the same way, just different sizes.  It was just dumb to write about each one as if you did something different.  We made it through! ha!

Friday after school Drew headed out to his dad’s house with the kids for the night.  I went home after work and ate dinner and then I went to a couple stores.  I had really wanted to spend the whole night shopping but the dog put a crimp in my style! 

Saturday morning I met my mom outside the kids’ school and we did a little shopping.  We checked out a consignment sale and then headed to the mall for Easter outfits.  After buying and returning I finally found an outfit I love for the kids!  I still need to return one dress I bought!  I’m so glad it’s done though.  We grabbed some lunch and headed home to let the dog out.  A little before 2pm we headed to Petsmart for Aiden’s first puppy training class.  There was one other dog in there and Aiden was all about checking him out.  We worked on sit and watch me and it took a long time before he finally would sit.  The other dog was doing it much faster.  He finally did catch on and he has been pretty consistent at home with it.   He is doing better with watch me, tonight he was holding my gaze much longer.  We worked on using phrase words for positive and negative reinforcements.   That’s been the hardest part.  I think it’s good to do with him since we don’t know what we’re doing with training him.  Mom headed home after the class and Drew and the kids arrived home soon after.   We left a bit later for dinner and an event at church.  We were there the rest of the night and got home late.  We didn’t enjoy the losing of an hour last night either.

Today we’ve had church and I did some grocery shopping.  Drew went to the Dave Ramsey class and the kids and I stayed home. 

We have learned puppies are seriously hard work.  Puppies aren’t for sissies.  ha!  He has had a horrible potty training day which is discouraging.   Lindy played with him a good bit today which was nice, but we have a lot of work to do with him.   Everything is about him right now.  I’ll be glad when he fits into our lives a bit more!

Cutest girl in town!
She was a happy girl today, holding Aidan’s leash.  DSC_3017
She was pumping shovels outside too. DSC_3019
Jack seems sweeter lately.  Probably because he doesn’t bite us or pee and poop all over the place.IMG_6619
He is super sweet when he is a tired pup.  He was worn out from his puppy class.  Maybe he needs to go to class everyday to wear him out.

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