Monday, March 23, 2015

Busy Beavers

I kept meaning to write a post last week and well, I never got to it.  I’ll try to play catch up in one post.

Let’s see.  I had lunch with the kids two weeks ago.  They always enjoy that.  They both invited someone new to sit with them.  They had an early release one afternoon two weeks ago.  Will started spring soccer two weeks ago.  More on that later.  I blew out a tire on Friday the 13th.  I just realized when writing that what day it was.  It happened near my office thankfully and Drew was able to drive down and help me.  Because of where I parked we still couldn’t get it changed and had to call a tow truck.  He used his jack and got it changed and Drew went to get another tire.  No one was a happy camper that afternoon.  Thankfully we got it all settled so we could head to my parents’ house that evening.  That evening, the Beavers (my sister and nieces) flew into NC for their spring break.  Dad and I picked them up at the airport and we got to hang out with them the rest of the weekend.

Lindy and Will were so excited to see their cousins.  It was kind of rainy Saturday so they played in pjs all morning, painted in the afternoon and made pizzas that night.  Sunday they made stepping stones for Nana and Papa’s pool area and then played outside because the weather was much better.  They played in the driveway forever.  They rode big wheels all over and down the road to see their neighbors’ new puppy.  We had an early dinner before heading home with two unhappy campers.   They did not think it was fair Hayley and Rylee got to play at Nana and Papa’s while they had to go to school. 

This week was another busy week.  Will had soccer practice Tuesday night.  I have been very frustrated with the program this spring.  They don’t have a head coach so the first practice one mom stepped up and ran it.  One dad had told the organizer he’d help the head coach and the organizer tried to make him the head coach.  I had a feeling the second one wasn’t going to be any different so I looked up some drills online and I ended up running the practice.  The organizer at the Y finally sorted the teams into correct ages and we ended up with 10 kids and me as a coach.  I spent the week emailing the Y guy with my frustrations.  Besides only playing soccer for years in high school, I would just be the head coach if I could go to more than 3 games.  Starting in April I will be working every weekend.  I told him I can help with practices each week but in April I won’t be there on weekends.  A couple parents took up names on contact info during the practice and got a snack schedule going.  All with no help from the Y. 

Besides soccer being frustrating, the rest of the week was okay.   My parents and sister and nieces were supposed to come over on Wednesday and they ended up at CVS with a strep diagnosis for Rylee.  Amy thought allergies had got her but when she got a fever she got more concerned.  She got some doses of medicine and was much better so they came over on Thursday afternoon.  Drew picked the kids up from school and we met up with my family at Airbound Trampoline and they all bounced together for an hour.  We came back to our house so they could meet Aiden and then we went for dinner.  They headed back to my parents’ and we headed home for bedtime.  The Beavers flew out Friday – supposed to be at 1pm but really didn’t get out till 5pm because of weather in the northeast.  We wish we could have seen them more but our spring breaks never match up with theirs.

We went non-stop on Saturday.  Saturday was Will’s first soccer game and yours truly was the head coach.  The dad who said he would help was only mildly helpful.  The other team only had 4 kids and two of ours volunteered to play with them so we could actually play our game.  I made sure everyone played equal playing time and I think the game went fairly well.  Technically we lost but really they don’t keep score.  Of course one of our kids that played for the other team scored on us so that really shouldn’t count.  ha!  I think they had fun and Will told me a I did a great job so that’s really all that matters.

We left the soccer game and ran home to let the dog go pee and then we headed out to the annual beeping Easter Egg hunt for visually impaired kids.  This was the 5th year for it and our 5th time going.  We enjoy seeing some of the same people every year and they all know Lindy by name.  We get to see all of our old vision teachers which is always nice.  We got there an hour late because of the soccer game but we made it for an hour.  We ran home for lunch and then headed back out for Aiden’s second puppy training class.  The whole family went and we worked on a lot of tricks.  Will just sat and watched for most of it.  Lindy wanted to do everything which made it much more difficult.   We worked on leave it, take it, drop it, down, and loose leash walking.  He got down really quickly.  We are working on all the rest.  We headed home and then I headed back out for some grocery shopping we needed to get done.  We were bushed last night.

Today shaped up to be almost equally busy.  We had church and lunch and then I took the kids to their first symphony concert.  The symphony does these Discovery Kids concerts and Lindy’s visually impaired camp organized an outing to the one today.  The symphony was playing with a band called the Sugar Free Allstars.  The whole thing was great!  We were on the front row and the Sugar Free Allstars were fantastic.  They had everyone up dancing and singing the whole time.  After the show we went back stage to meet them and the assistant conductor.  It was really fun.  Before the show started they had lobby activities and one was African drumming.  We sat down to like a 10 minute mini class and it was so fun.  Will and I really enjoyed it.  Lindy did for awhile and then she got bored.  We headed home to let the dog out and then we went and had dinner with Ed, Jamie, Molly, Corbyn and Mimo.  I surprised the kids and they were excited to see Mimo.  We came home for bedtime and one more week of school before it’s our turn for spring break.

Aiden got his first bath.  It went better than expected.DSC_3026DSC_3031
Painting with their cousins.DSC_3059
Sadie Jo can be a cuddler when she wants to!IMG_6741
The big wheel convention came to town.DSC_3061
Hayley was great with Sadie.  Nana and Papa miss her help!DSC_3065DSC_3072
Stepping stones on Sunday.  DSC_3082DSC_3086
Airbound on Thursday.  DSC_3112DSC_3113DSC_3118
Will’s first soccer game of the spring season.DSC_3150DSC_3151
My first game ever as a coach.DSC_3153DSC_3158
Ms. Pam, on the right, was Lindy’s vision teacher for 2 years. DSC_3162
Tater Tot the pony is always there.  DSC_3163
One of their besties, the Demon Deacon.DSC_3166
At least the bunny left his head on this year!DSC_3177DSC_3169DSC_3170
Finding the beeping eggs.DSC_3173DSC_3174
Junior Officer Lindy was in full effect on Saturday.DSC_3178DSC_3179
With Ms. Lesley, Lindy’s teacher for almost 3 years. DSC_3181
With Ms. Jenny, the director of her visually impaired camp in the summers.
With Ms. Angie, the head of the bomb squad.  DSC_3183
Riding in cars with dogsIMG_6776
Puppy school
Enforcing the rules – even on the dog.
Getting to drum before the symphony concert.IMG_6789IMG_6793
Front row seats to hear the Sugar Free Allstars.IMG_6802
Three visually impaired kids and two siblings with the Sugar Free Allstars and the Assistant Conductor of the Symphony. IMG_6809
Ending the weekend with dinner with Mimo!

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