Sunday, April 12, 2015

March 23-29th

Never got around to a post last week.  Too busy I guess.

I’ll sum up the week of March 23-29th pretty fast.  Will had soccer practice on Tuesday with Coach Mom.  I went to Raleigh on Wednesday for the March of Dimes Advocacy Day.  Always an interesting process.  The rest of the week was pretty quiet.

Saturday was hopping though.  We had a packed day that was actually made a little more bearable when they cancelled Will’s soccer game which was supposed to be Saturday at 10am.  It poured all day Friday and they called the games in the late afternoon saying the fields were not playable.  On one hand I hated to see them cancel it because it was one of the few games I could see but on the other I was glad.  We woke up Saturday morning and it was COLD!  Really cold!   It wouldn’t have been too much fun out there.

So instead of starting with soccer at 10am we started with lunch at Ed and Jamie’s at 11am.  Actually Drew started at 9:30am with marriage counseling.  He met us at their house.  Jamie’s parents, sister, and nephew were in town so we went over for lunch to see them.  Bob and Suzette also came up.  We enjoyed seeing them and wish we could have stayed longer but we were off to church for an Easter party and hunt at 1pm.

They did some Easter crafts and then got to hunt for eggs in the yard outside – thankfully it warmed up some.  They even saw the Easter Bunny.  To which Will asked who it was dressed up as the Easter Bunny because he saw toes sticking out.  Ms. Martha said, “the Easter Bunny has toes” and Will informed us he saw human toes.  ha! 

While we were having our party at church, Drew had gone home to let the dog out and he took Aiden to puppy class.  We finally met up at home for a couple hours and then the babysitter arrived and Drew and I were out the door again for a night out with Martha.  For Christmas we told Martha we wanted to take her out to dinner and then to see Mary Poppins at our local community theatre.  We met for dinner at Fratelli’s and then we ran to Krispy Kreme for coffee and then to the play.   The play was SOOO good!  We all loved it and we had such a nice time that evening!  We all liked it so much that Martha is going back with another friend and I’m taking the kids next week!  I’m not sure they’ll make it through the entire 3 hours but we can all go for $10 through Lindy’s visually impaired program so we’ll go and see how long it lasts.  I think they will love the music.  

Sunday we caught up on chores and I went to our weekly Dave Ramsey class we are taking.  Drew and I have been tag teaming the class. 

That’s a wrap and here are pictures from the Saturday. 

Lindy and Will with Jack (Jamie’s nephew)IMG_6839
Crazy Lou, stuck in a shirt!
At the church Easter party.DSC_3189DSC_3190DSC_3191
She made a bee line for the bunny!
Will and his buddy Dylan
And he was off!
She would have found more if she didn’t try to stop and open every one of them!
Palm Sunday outfits. 
Silly pup!

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