Monday, April 20, 2015

March for Babies

Seems like I am always catching up on blog posts these days.   The kids got back to normal after spring break, but unfortunately it was the week of my first walk so I had some later nights and Daddy has to hold down the fort during walk season.  We had the first of our five walks on Saturday April 11th and it was the biggest and best – the Winston-Salem March for Babies.

But first – the week leading up to the walk.  Tuesday night we had a pancake supper at church and they generously donated the proceeds to our March for Babies team.  Will and I were supposed to be at soccer practice but it got cancelled because of wet fields.

The kids were looking forward to a field trip to Tanglewood that week.  Lindy was to go on Tuesday and Will on Thursday.  Wouldn’t you know it was supposed to rain all week too.  I dropped Lindy off at school and they were still going – even despite a little drizzle.  Thirty minutes later we got an email saying they ware not going because it had started raining harder.  I was actually okay with that because who wants to send their kid out on an outdoor field trip in the rain?  Not me.  The lady from Tanglewood ended up coming to their school for her presentation and they ate lunch in their classroom.  I don’t think Lindy was too upset about missing it.  Will did get to go to Tanglewood so he was most happy.   He would have been pretty upset if his got cancelled.  It sounded like a good bit of walking and Lindy would have been miserable!  

Friday night I actually got home at a decent hour, considering it was the night before the walk.  My mom came over and spent the night and got up really early with me to head to the walk. 

The walk turned out good.  The day was beautiful – we could not have asked for better weather.   Drew, the kids, Jamie, Ed and Molly, Grandbob and Suzette all came and walked for the Million Dollar Babies team.  Our team raised over $7000 – wahoo!  Another very successful year of fundraising for stronger, healthier babies!!!

Sunday we went to church and then the kids and I went to see Mary Poppins.  Drew and I had been a couple weeks before and loved it.  Lindy’s SEE camp was going and Lindy and I could go free and just buy a ticket for Will.  I thought they would enjoy the music so I signed us up to go.  We got to go an hour early and go on stage and the visually impaired kids could feel and see one of the sets up close and personal.  We had seats on the second row so I think Lindy could see some of it.  Will loved it.  Lindy fell asleep for a little while but she still liked the music.  We have been singing the songs for over a week.  It was so great.  Afterwards in the lobby we got to see a bunch of characters which was fun.

Mom and Suzette starting the walk!DSC_3474
The boys – and Lindy starting the walk!DSC_3479DSC_3615DSC_3739
We were the second top family team this year!  DSC_3763IMG_6901
Our team!  Family and friends from church.IMG_6949
Martha doing some zumba!
Our March of Dimes kids!
Our March of Dimes angel!IMG_6985
A couple of goofballs!
The most fun this year was the photo booth!  I had a blast in it!IMG_7009
On stage at Mary Poppins. 
The SEE camp kids (and Will!)DSC_3783
Meeting some cast members after the show.DSC_3784DSC_3785
Talking to Mary and BertDSC_3788
Mary Poppins and Bert!  They were SOOOO good!DSC_3789
We saw some pretty flowers and stopped for a picture!DSC_3792

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