Monday, April 27, 2015

April 13-19th

I don’t think it was a big week for us.  Will had soccer practice Tuesday night.  We got our team pictures but only 6 kids showed up.  It was super muddy but we still had a good practice. 

The kids had an early release on Wednesday but they just spent the afternoon at home. 

We spent the week begging all our family for pledges because the kids ran in the Boosterthon on Friday the 18th.   The money they raised helps out the science and computer programs at their school.  The kids thought it was super cool every day and were so happy to get pledges.  They were so excited about running the fun run.  Last year the Boosterthon was inside the gym because it was raining outside.  The laps were super short in the gym.  This year they did it outside on the track, which was much, much larger.  One lap around actually equaled 4 laps.  Will ran all 35 of his laps and Lindy (and Drew) ran/walked 20 laps.  The kids thought it was the most fun.  I’m glad it’s over!

The kids and I were on our own for the weekend because Drew went hiking in Asheville with his friends.  I picked the kids up from school and we ate dinner out and went to PetSmart.  Saturday morning Will had a game at 10am but the other team didn’t show up.  All 10 of our kids did show up so they ended up just playing each other.  The other team had the game on their schedule at 11am.  None of our team wanted to wait around for an hour though.  They actually had a good time and it was a good coaching opportunity.  Saturday afternoon I dropped Will off at Katie, Micah, and Claire’s house and I took Lindy to a birthday party for a girl in her class.  I stayed at the party with her because the mom asked me to.  They played a bunch of outdoor games, in most of which she actually did well.  She had fun.  We picked Will up and headed home.  Katie, Micah, and Claire ended up coming over for dinner and to hang out.  The kids had fun playing and Will tells me daily that he wishes he could see them more.  Sunday we played hookie from church and we stayed around the house on a cool, rainy day.  I got a lot of organizing done in all our closets which was really nice.  We waited for Drew to get home and then we listened to his story of getting lost in the wilderness.  We are just glad he made it home.   

The 1st grade (and Drew) getting ready to run!DSC_3796
And he’s off!
There they go!DSC_3802DSC_3813

With some buddies!DSC_3823
Best pics of Aiden I have gotten so far.  DSC_3827
And great of Lindy too!DSC_3830DSC_3832

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