Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 20-26th

I’m operating on a serious two week delay.  

After Drew got home from his weekend trip he left again on Tuesday to go to the beach with his dad and brother for a few days.  My parents were able to help me out with some childcare and I really appreciated it.  My mom met me at school on Tuesday to get a car seat and then she picked up the kids and took them home.  She did our normal homework and put dinner in the oven.  She stayed with Lindy while Will and I headed to soccer practice.  She helped with bedtime and then spent the night with us.  I probably could have managed by myself if I had not signed up to bring donuts to school for a teacher breakfast on Wednesday morning.  They had to be there at 7:30am.  I was dreading having to get the kids and dog up super early to get them there.  She spent the night with us and then I left early and got the donuts and got to the school early.  She finished up getting the kids ready and got them to school.  She headed home after that.  I picked the kids up from school on Wednesday and they got to finish the afternoon at my office doing homework.  Thursday I had to spend the entire day in Greensboro and couldn’t get back to get the kids after school.  Mom drove back over to help out.  She actually came early to let Aiden out and then got the kids after school.  They had dentist appointments scheduled and she took them to those.  My dad came over to help out at the dentist.  They thankfully got good reports and they confirmed Will does have front teeth that will grow in.  We were starting to wonder! ha!  Lindy seems to thankfully have gotten over her fear of the dentist and her puking at the dentist!  My parents took the kids out to dinner and I met them back at home.  Drew was actually home by that time too.  I really appreciate them helping me out. 

The weekend was a normal one for us during the spring.  I had a March for Babies walk in Greensboro so I was gone from 5am-4pm.   Will had a soccer game that didn’t go so well.  The other team didn’t have enough kids to play so they put Will on the other team for a half.  Even though one of his friends, Carson, was on there, he didn’t enjoy it.  Drew said he was on the verge of tears the whole time.  When Will was playing with the other team, his team scored 3 goals.  When Will switched back to his team, the other team scored 7 unanswered goals.  He was not happy! ha!  Sunday we had church and then we met up with Ed, Jamie, Molly, Corbyn, Mimo and GrandBob to celebrate Corbyn’s 21st birthday.  How did that happen?  21?! 

Random pics from the week
Our superhero, Lindy
Wearing Ms. Jill’s fire hat.

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