Thursday, May 14, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I will get caught up.  This will be easy because I don’t remember much from April 27th – May 3rd.

Will did have a soccer game on Tuesday, April 28th instead of his usual practice.  It was a makeup game from one that got rained out.  I will have to say that our team is good about coming to games.  I will say, though, that for some odd reason every game we had was at home this season – which I’m sure really helped!  ha!  That Tuesday night we had 7 I think and they had 5.  Our team beat them pretty bad so the kids had a great time.  The other team had some kids that spent more time on the ground than on their feet. 

The end of the week was spent getting ready for another March for Babies.  On May 2nd we had one in Elkin, NC.  It was a beautiful day for a walk about Elkin to save babies.   Will had a soccer game on Saturday morning that they went to. 

Last week was teacher appreciation week.  We brought in love notes and flowers and school supplies for the teachers.  We hope the teachers enjoyed it.  The kids have been fortunate to have great teachers so far and we appreciate them.

We played outside a lot last week because it was beautiful spring weather.  Will had soccer practice on Tuesday night.  It was actually a bit hot and they were all pooped by the end!

Lindy was the weatherman on Eagle Eye News on Wednesday.  She memorized the weather since she couldn’t read it from across the room.   She was also the student of the day so she got to bring a show and tell item in.  Big day for her!  Will had a rough Wednesday.   He leaned down around Aiden and Aiden jumped and scratched his face all up.  He really got lucky where it started because it couldn’t have gotten much closer to his eye.  He had a nice scratch down his face.  Not but a few minutes later they were playing with a t-ball set and Lindy accidentally whacked Will in the head with a plastic bat.  He was done after that.  He sat and read the rest of the time we were outside. 

The end of last week was getting ready for another March for Babies.  This time in Mount Airy.  Friday night after we loaded up our van we took the kids out to eat at a Harley Davidson restaurant in Kernersville.   Our friends Katie and Craig and another member from their band Carolina Coalmine were playing an acoustic set there.  It was perfect because it was early and we ate dinner and listened to great music.  The kids enjoyed it and danced and we enjoyed it too.   Saturday was the March for Babies which turned out to be a really great day.  900-1000 people marched for stronger, healthier babies.  I left the office around 3pm and met up with Drew and the kids at Adventure Landing where they were playing putt putt.  I eventually left and went to Target before meeting up with them again at home. 

Sunday was Mother’s Day.  A day all about me.  ha!  We had church that morning and then we headed to my parents’ that afternoon.  We brought the dog with us and it was the first time Aiden and Sadie had been back together since we brought Aiden home.   They did pretty well but they wrestled for about 4 hours.  They were both pooped last night.  We were hoping to go swimming but it was a cloudy, overcast day and it would have been chilly in there.   We played with the dogs and had a nice dinner before we headed out.  It’s nice having my mother so close now. 

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks.  I’m finally caught up!

At Will’s game on 4/28.  Coach Mom!DSC_4101DSC_4106DSC_4126DSC_4288
Listening to Katie and Craig Friday night!IMG_7315IMG_7317
Cute girl and Oscar!
Mother’s Day!   So glad these two call me Mom!DSC_4293DSC_4294DSC_4295DSC_4300DSC_4309DSC_4311DSC_4314DSC_4319
Fluffy Aiden after a bath!
We’d never seen them pant so much after they first got together.  They did share the water.
Maybe the only moment of calmness there was!IMG_7490
Thankful for my mom and my kids!IMG_7513
Sadie Jo!
Last night for the first time since February 14th, Jack came downstairs at night and sat on the couch with us.  With Aiden in the room.  This is huge.  Aiden was too tired to chase him!!IMG_7523

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