Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring starts now–for me

Five March for Babies walks are in the books.  I love my job and I love helping save babies but it’s a long, hard spring full of March for Babies walks.  We started April 11th and we just finished on May 16th.  All went well and we raised a lot of money for the babies! I feel like I can enjoy spring – and almost summer – now that we are done with walks.

The week started with Drew and I celebrating 13 years of wedded bliss.  We didn’t get around to securing a babysitter so we went on a lunch date.  We tried a new restaurant and we went to the new Mast General Store that just opened.  It was actually quite nice! 

In the middle of the night Lindy woke up crying and saying her ear hurt.  We gave her some Tylenol and put her in bed with us.  She winced the rest of the night.  We got up and she seemed okay so she got dressed and started eating breakfast.  She started complaining during breakfast that her ear hurt.   Drew took Will to school and I headed to the walk-in clinic at the pediatrician’s office.  I loved the walk-in clinic.  We actually got to see our doctor and we were in and out so quick.   The doctor had to dig some wax out of one ear and said they were both actually infected.  She called in an antibiotic for her.  She has been pretty fortunate with not having but 1-2 ear infections in her entire life.  We headed to pick up the prescription and we came home for a bit.  I asked her how she felt and she said good and she said multiple times, I want to go to school.  I asked her many times if she wanted to stay home and she said no.  We headed to school around 10:30am.  She looked really tired when we got there but I figured it was just from the ride there.  We got a call from the school around 12:40pm saying she was in the office saying she didn’t feel well.  She told the lunch aid she didn’t feel good so they took her over to the office.  They had her lay down in the nurse’s room and when Drew picked her up she was sound asleep.  She chilled the rest of the afternoon and was good by the end of the day.  She went to school the next day and has been fine.  She is not enjoying the antibiotic but it’s almost over. 

Tuesday night we had our last soccer practice.  I have had fun coaching his soccer team.  I can cross coach off the bucket list.  Funny I had no clue it was on my bucket list!  ha!  When no coach stepped up, I decided I would do it.  I wanted to give Will –and the other kids -the best season possible.  I think they learned a little soccer and hopefully they had a lot of fun!  Since I couldn’t be there for the last game on Saturday, I brought them cupcakes that night for our last practice. 

The weekend for me was a normal March for Babies weekend.  I got home around 5pm Saturday.   The kids and Drew had a very busy day.  Will’s last soccer game was at 9am on Saturday morning.  Martha came to his game and took some pictures – thanks Martha!  They did some shopping for a birthday present and then went to their church friend, Dylan’s, birthday party at 2pm.  They stayed for a little bit and they headed to see the play Tarzan at a small theatre in town.  Drew and Will enjoyed it, Lindy thought it was okay.  We all caught up at home and all had an early bedtime. 

Here are a few pictures from the week.

Soccer pics.  Great pic of Ms. Martha and Lindy!
Lindy and one of her best friends from church!IMG_7607

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