Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break and Easter

The kids had spring break all last week and we hardly saw them.  Seriously – I saw them for a few minutes from Monday evening to Saturday afternoon.  They did the grandparent tour.  It was fun for them but helpful for us.

Monday night Drew and the kids picked me up from work and we met my parents in Mocksville for dinner and the trade off.  They had fun at Nana and Papa’s painting, riding big wheels, doing side walk chalk, playing with Sadie, and doing a craft project with foam.  Wednesday was a little dicey for my mom as my dad woke up with the stomach bug so she had to keep the kids and the dog away from Dad.   She met up with Bob at lunchtime and Bob drove the kids over to meet Drew at our house.

Drew and Bob took the kids camping Wednesday night up at Hanging Rock.  They had been talking of going this spring but we had no free weekends so that worked out well.  It got a bit chilly but the kids had plenty of layers and Drew said they slept like a rock.  The same cannot be said for the 70 year old man who was not prepared and ended up sleeping in our car.  We won’t name names.   They did some hiking Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.  They ate lunch in Walnut Cove and headed home.  Bob headed back home, with my kids, but stopped by my office so I could see them for just a few minutes.  They were on their iPads and could have cared less about seeing me!  Bob headed down the road with the kids.  They got to see Suzette for a bit before Lynn picked them up from Bob’s house.  The kids spent Thursday and Friday nights with Mimo.  They had fun Friday doing Easter things, going to the park, to the bookstore Mimo volunteers at, to get frozen yogurt, and dyeing Easter eggs.  Aunt Anna got there Friday night and we met them in Salisbury at 11am on Saturday to get our kids back.  We had lunch at Cracker Barrel and finally headed home with the kids.  We were home just a few minutes before I headed out to puppy classes with the dog.  The kids were glad to be home.  They had fun but I think they were tired from being on the go the whole week. 

I stole an idea from my sister and made up a scavenger hunt for the kids.  It involved finding clues, in eggs, so it was kind of Easter themed.  They found a small stash of candy at the end.  They worked together – kind of – I had to keep reminding them and they seemed to really enjoy it!   A couple clues stumped them and they had to really think and look around!

Lindy came home really congested and full of snot and drainage.  I’m sure spending so much time outside during the week had her allergies in overdrive.   She was a pitiful mess last night.  They got a good scrub down in the bath and headed to bed for what we were hoping would be a good night’s sleep.  Will got that but no one else in the house did.  Lindy hacked and hacked for a good portion of the night.  Drew and I switched sleeping with her in our room and it was a bit of a long night.

Today we woke up to the Easter bunny leaving eggs and gifts.  Lindy was not feeling great but I made her get up and go to church.  She chose not to sing with the children’s choir because she was afraid of coughing and she didn’t want to stay in children’s church because she didn’t feel great.  She could have stayed with me but she was coughing a lot so I took her out and we sat in Drew’s office.  Lynn, Anna, and my mom all came to church this morning.  Ed and Jamie came over and joined us for a traditional filet mignon lunch.  Yes, we had steak for Easter lunch.  We just weren’t feeling the ham or turkey lunch and I think we all enjoyed something different.  We enjoyed an afternoon with our family before they all headed out. 

Tomorrow starts an insanely busy week for me and the kids have to go back to school.  No one is too happy tonight!

Camping with GrandBob DSC_3237DSC_3241DSC_3245DSC_3247DSC_3253DSC_3265DSC_3270DSC_3272
Dying Easter Eggs with Mimo
Starting my scavenger hunt Saturday afternoonDSC_3273DSC_3276DSC_3281DSC_3283DSC_3303
Easter morning pre-huntDSC_3304DSC_3311DSC_3316
Easter basketsDSC_3331DSC_3334DSC_3347DSC_3363
Our Easter Finest

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