Sunday, June 29, 2014

Regular Summer Week

This was the first week of summer that felt kind of normal.  No one was traveling and we were all here together all week.  It kind of felt like the first week of summer.

On that note, it was pretty darn boring – for me anyway.  I was the only one at work for multiple days this week and I hate being there by myself.  It’s so quiet! 

The kids were home most of the week with a babysitter.  Miss Victoria, a college student from our old church watched them Monday through Thursday.  The kids were very excited when they found out she was coming.  She watched them quite a bit last summer and will help us out a few weeks this summer.  I think they love having someone to play with that doesn’t have to do chores or other things around the house. 

I did make the kids start on their summer book of homework.  Homework in the summer?  Both teachers gave out the same book so we started on it this week.  They have been working in their weather journals and doing ixL (the online math program) and a page in the homework book each day.  No rest for the weary.  We are not going to let them forget their smarts this summer!

We did do something pretty out of the ordinary Wednesday morning.  We filmed a commercial!!  Not something we do every day.  Drew’s aunt owns the Cookie House at the mall and they asked the kids to be in the commercial.  They are already on the wall of the cookie house in practically life size pictures so we moved onto TV now.  ha.  We got there at 9am and then the camera guy suggested having a family pretend to buy cookies.  Well we were the only family around so we all got to be in it.  I thankfully looked decent because I was headed to work.  Drew just had on shorts and a golf shirt but he was in desperate need of a haircut.  I can’t believe he’s in that commercial with that fuzzy head!  Hopefully our spot is very quick and it will focus more on the kids in the commercial.  Lindy and Will were filmed eating cookies.  Should be interesting as Lindy jammed it in her mouth and gave the thumbs up! ha.  It will air sometime in July on our local news.  Can’t wait to see it.

On Drew’s day off on Friday he took the kids to SciWorks to play for awhile.  We are enjoying our membership.  It’s 5 minutes away and easy to take them to.  They enjoy going too.  There was a new exhibit they checked out and enjoyed.

Saturday we got up and around and headed to Charlotte to Bob’s house for a little family get together.  We were celebrating Anna and Brian’s engagement.  It was a nice afternoon.  We were able to make some plans for a shower for Anna and some time when the Charlotte Southerns are watching the kids for us (awesome!).  Anna and I went to Old Navy and Kohls later in the afternoon too. 

Today we had church and tonight we are getting family pictures taken.  Fingers crossed they behave and they go fast and well!

Being silly together!
Waiting for the commercial to start IMG_5033
Filming the commercialIMG_5050
Ummmm, cookies!
Next to their pictures on the wall
Anna and Brian opening a couple engagement gifts!DSC_9806DSC_9809
Lindy was all about Brian yesterday.  She was all over him!DSC_9810DSC_9811DSC_9812DSC_9813DSC_9814DSC_9815

Never too many pictures of time with the family.  They may make fun of me for taking so many pictures (Suzette) but at least we will have pictures for our kids and grandkids and great grandkids Smile

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