Wednesday, June 25, 2014

While We Were Gone

While we were gone, some very loving grandparents stepped in to watch our precious, well behaved children.  At least that is what I told them to get them to babysit!  ha!

It was a bit of a hodge podge at first.  We dropped the kids off on Wednesday and my parents came up to pick them up from school.  They watched them Wednesday afternoon and spent the night and then Lynn headed up on Thursday.  After my mom and Lynn ate lunch, my mom headed home and Lynn picked the kids up from school.  Lynn then stayed with them at our house until Sunday.

While Lynn was here they had great fun.  Thursday evening they had choir practice that she took them to. 

Friday was the kids’ last day of kindergarten so Lynn had gotten them a special last day of school breakfast of Krispy Kreme doughnuts!  I’m sure they were extra hyper that day!  They had super fun last days of school.  Lindy had a ‘camping’ day at school.  They got to make tents out of the desks and they all got to bring in flashlights to read books in their tents.  Then their book buddies got to come down and they sang songs by a pretend campfire and then got to eat s’mores.  Lindy’s class rarely did many straight up fun things this year so I bet they all had a blast. 

After Mimo picked them up from school, she took them to Adventure Landing to celebrate the last day of kindergarten!  Can you believe it?  It’s over.  Their first year of school is over.  It sure did fly by.  They got to play putt putt and Mimo let them play games inside. That night Lindy helped Mimo make little pizzas for dinner. 

Saturday was Lindy’s closing ceremony for her tee ball.  Lindy had never gotten a trophy and she has always been jealous of Will getting them (from tee ball, soccer, his teacher got him one for finishing kindergarten!).  Lindy was finally going to get her first trophy!  They headed to the closing ceremony and boy did Lindy get a trophy!  Besides getting just the one for playing, she got the sportsmanship trophy as well.  They said that the teammates voted on who would get it but I somehow doubt that really happened with her Challenger League.  I don’t really care how it happened though – she was so happy and proud!! She got another trophy and a medal!  I’m so glad they went that morning and I’m so happy she got her first (and second) trophy!!

Saturday afternoon Mimo attempted to take the kids to the movies to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 but apparently it didn’t go so well.  I guess they ended up leaving early as the kids were scared.  Our kids are absolute wimps when it comes to movies.  They think they are all scary.  They didn’t see the first movie so that may have been some of it.  I think Aunt Anna and Brian stopped by that night for a visit too.

Sunday morning Mimo took the kids to church so they could sing in the children's choir.  After church Mimo had to pack everything I had on my long list and she dropped the kids off at my parents’ house on the way home.

From Sunday afternoon to Friday, the kids were at my parents’ house.   They did a lot of swimming all week – everyday I think.  And they did become more comfortable in the water.  By the end of the week both were putting their heads underwater.  That’s a big step! 

They also went to Discovery Place in Huntersville one day and I hear they had a ton of fun.  They got to ‘ride’ a fire truck and Lindy climbed a rock wall.  Will had gotten to go at Christmas time but Lindy was sick so we had stayed home.  From the pictures it looks like fun.  I know they had some trips to McDonalds and some trips to the hardware store (which I hear they didn’t enjoy).  At one store Lindy told my parents she’d just stay in the car while they went in.  She also told my parents she had never gone north.  They were in my dad’s truck and it has the direction you are traveling on the rear view mirror.  They were talking about how it said ‘S’ for south and then Lindy said she had never been north.  On their way back home she found out quickly that yes she has been north!

Wednesday afternoon Grandbob and Suzette came over to my parents’ for a little swimming party.  I hear Grandbob makes big splashes and that everyone had a good time.  Drew and I actually drove over Wednesday night to see the kids.  We would have liked to have gone swimming but it looked stormy the whole time we were there so we just visited and headed back home.  Mom was a little worried the kids wouldn’t like us leaving them there but I think they did fine. 

Even though we got home on Tuesday night, it didn’t really work for us to have the kids at home.  Originally Drew was supposed to head up to Lake Junaluska for his annual ministers’ meeting.  Annual Conference is from Wednesday to Sunday but Drew was planning to go from Wednesday to Friday.  Because he was going to be gone, I couldn’t have the kids at home with me for 3 days.  I couldn’t take them to work that long and I couldn’t work from home that long so they were going to stay at my parents’.  It actually ended up Drew didn’t go to Annual Conference at all because of someone passing away in our church.  We got home on Tuesday night and he met with the family on Wednesday and the service was Thursday evening.  But even though he was home, he didn’t have time to watch them.  He had one day to plan a funeral service.  So it was still best for them to stay at my parents’.

Although Drew didn’t go to his annual ministers’ meeting, the kids and I did go up!  Well we didn’t go for the meeting part of it, but we went for the weekend away with some of our best friends.   I have always gone to Annual Conference with Drew because it’s fun to see friends.  Many years ago we started staying with Katie after her parents bought a house there.  My kids have been every year of their lives – even when they were in the womb.  I sat on the porch swing for a week when I was pregnant with them!  Even though Drew couldn’t go, I didn’t want to break the tradition.   Kris rode with me from Winston and we met my parents in Hickory for the handoff.   We got up to Lake Junaluska around 7pm and we just hung out that evening.  The kids always have fun with Micah and Claire. 

Saturday we had a busy day having fun.  We headed down and played putt putt (Will’s favorite thing to do there), went swimming for awhile (where Lindy showed us her new skills of going underwater!) and then we took boat rides.  Last year we tried to paddle boat and we weren’t too successful.  This year we decided to kayak and canoe.  Katie and Micah rode in a two person kayak, Kris took Claire and Lindy in a 3 person canoe and Will and I rode in a 2 person canoe.  It was the first time I’ve ever canoed in my life!  We managed but we didn’t get too far out in the lake.  There was a definite wind I was rowing against!   The Bryants ended up trading, Kris and Claire tried out the kayak and Katie took Micah and Lindy for another spin in the canoe and Will and I just headed in.  I’d had enough rowing!  It really was pretty fun and we enjoyed doing something different. 

As soon as we got off the lake we met up with Janice.  Mike was over at the meetings and she came to hang with us.  The boys ended up going to play shuffleboard and the girls went up the hill to the house to hang out.  We enjoyed our visit with Janice.  We eventually all got showered and cleaned up and we headed to Butts on the Creek for an early dinner.  We met up with two other friends and their families for dinner which was fun.  Too bad Drew missed it all!  Micah and Katie went down to the service that night since Micah was acolyting.  Kris and I stayed back with the little ones.  I got to read while they played, which is a rare treat. 

Sunday morning we packed up and headed home around 11am.  We stopped by my parents’ real quick to pick up things we forgot and got home around 4pm. 

It’s been a wild June and I can’t believe it’s almost over.  Time goes so fast.  I can’t believe July 4th is next week and we get more time off work!  yippee!! 

Last day of school doughnuts!IMG_5029IMG_5031
Last day of kindergarten!!
After school fun at Adventure LandingIMG_5026
Homemade pizza helper!
Eating the goods for dinner.

Part of Lindy’s tee ball team. 
Lindy and her trophies!
Of course Jake made an appearance!IMG_5019
Will made a marble race.
Having fun in Huntersville at Discovery Place.IMG_5007

I got swimming videos but no swimming pictures.  Anyway, it looks like they had plenty of fun while we were gone.  A big, big, big, big thank you goes to Mimo and my parents for helping us out.  We sure do love our grandparents!!!!

Some pictures of our weekend at Miss Katie’s mountain house:

Playing Will’s favorite lake activity
Taking a break from swimming.  The water was colder than Nana and Papa’s!
Funny Micah hair!
Trying to teach Lindy to keep her mouth shut in the waterDSC_9753
My boat buddy!DSC_9756DSC_9762DSC_9766DSC_9769
Our annual porch swing picture.  We missed Daddy!DSC_9782
The annual Butts on the Creek picture!DSC_9793
Best buddies!
A couple more preacher’s kids, Sarah and Maston.IMG_4998
Feeding the ducks from the porch.DSC_9796

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