Monday, June 23, 2014

Playing Catch Up

I’m slightly surprised that I haven’t heard from the faithful few who usually let me know when I haven’t posted in awhile.   I have good reasons for not posting.  But I need to break them all up into smaller posts.  So here goes!

Let’s go all the way back to Tuesday June 10th because it was Field Day.  The kids’ first field day!  Unfortunately because of a big board meeting, I couldn’t go.  Drew fortunately was able to go and Lindy’s teacher said it was helpful for him to be there helping Lindy.  I did get there at the very end of field day and got to see the teachers tug of war.  The kids were done playing by then and they were HOT. 

After field day, Lindy had her class picnic.  Her teacher said that all family and siblings were invited (Will’s teacher said just two parents).  We asked Lindy if she wanted Will to come and she said yes.  We checked him out of his class and brought him over to Lindy’s picnic.  Drew ended up getting called out for a church emergency so he wasn’t able to go to the picnic.  We ate lunch and the kids got to play on the preschool playground for awhile and then we finally headed out.  I ended up working from home that afternoon because it was much easier than having them at the office for hours. 

Wednesday morning we celebrated an early Father’s Day for Drew.  We gave him his presents and I think he liked the wrapping better than the presents.  The kids decorated the box and he loved it.  After celebrating and breakfast, he headed to school and dropped the kids off for what should have been their last day of school.  But it wasn’t.  Because of snow days they had two extra days of school.  But we had already booked and planned a vacation so we didn’t actually get to see their last days of school.  Because it was our last day seeing their teacher we brought in end of school gifts and we took pictures of the kids with their teachers.  After we dropped them off we headed home, switched cars, picked up Ed and Jamie, and headed out on vacation! 

Field Day!
Lindy and her friend of the week!DSC_9588
Celebrating Father’s Day a little early.DSC_9591DSC_9593
Lindy drew a picture of Drew (on the right) and Will drew a picture of PTI – Drew’s favorite show.  DSC_9596DSC_9598DSC_9599
Will and Mrs. Byerly
Lindy and Ms. Grady
Lindy and Ms. Donna, her vision teacherDSC_9603

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