Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another Busy Week

Hello Hello.  Another week has gone by.  Having Monday off of school and work threw me off for the rest of the week.  I ate out three times at lunch this week.  That is a first.  I never go out for lunch.  All to new places so that was fun.

The kids had a fine week.  Lindy behaved in school all week which is good!  Will had a tee ball game on Thursday night.  He played first and third and got two good hits. 

Friday was a big day for young Will.  For one, he was the boy helper at school.  I’m not 100% sure what all that includes but when you are the boy helper you get to bring a show and tell item in. 

The second thing and much bigger thing was that he got to celebrate his pretend birthday.  His teacher has a summer birthday and knows how it feels to get gipped on a school birthday celebration.   She let each kid with a summer birthday pick a day at the end of the year to celebrate.  Will picked May 30th so it was his birthday at school.  We went to eat lunch with him and we brought him McDonalds by request.  We got to eat lunch with him and his friend James and then we passed out Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the kids.  Will got to pick and he chose Krispy Kreme as his treat.  After lunch we headed back to his classroom to continue the celebration.  He got to pick a prize from the birthday bag and then his teacher gave him some other little things.  On your birthday each kid in the class makes a picture for you and they go through them one by one.  The kid who drew it has to explain what their picture is to everyone.  They bind this book and he gets his special birthday book.  After that we danced and then we finally headed out!  Whew!  What a celebration!!  Will was very aware in preschool that he didn’t get to celebrate at school like all the other kids and so it really makes me very happy he got to celebrate on Friday.  I think it takes a teacher with a summer birthday to really get it and to make the summer birthday kids feel special too.

The third big thing on Friday was that the kids had a play date with another set of twins who are in their classes.  Taylor is in Lindy’s class and Jackson is in Will’s class.  Drew picked them up and dropped them off at their house and then I picked them up after work.  I think they both had a good time although Lindy said they were loud.  That is the second time lately she has complained about other kids being loud.  They seem like nice kids.  I’d love for them to be together next year too! 

Not a big thing but after we came home and ate leftover pizza I took the kids to get hair cuts.  I also bribed them with a trip to Dollar Tree and told them they could pick out a toy.  Will got a foam sword and Lindy got a bug catcher.  She convinced Drew to go looking for bugs after we got home and they managed to find two.  One hid down in the leaves but the other flew all around.  She loved that bug and named it Silly.  She brought the bug catcher inside and promptly dropped it and the top came off and Silly flew away.   She was crushed. 

Saturday morning we were able to sleep in which was awesome.  We haven’t had a Saturday morning with nothing to do in forever!  We worked out, watched an American Ninja Warrior we had recorded and played.  (The new season of American Ninja Warrior started this week and our house has been transformed into different courses all week long.  Will loves this show!)  We finally got up and around and headed out to Lindy’s tee ball game at 12pm.  There were only 3 kids there on Saturday and not too many other boys to help.   Lindy and one other boy didn’t have much enthusiasm so they only played about 30 minutes.  The entire time Lindy asked if she was going to get an icee.  I think that is why she actually goes.  The other game I went to she paid attention the whole time but not this Saturday.  She got tired and didn’t want to run sometimes.  She would have fun for an icee though!  ha! 

We headed home after the game and had lunch.  Will and I headed to a birthday party for our friend Carson.  He is my friend Julie’s son and they played basketball together this winter.  It was a Skylander party which meant nothing to us.  Julie had fun games for them to play.  One included a water relay which went as planned and then they all just started playing with the water.  Someone dumped a bucket full of water on Will and soaked him and he didn’t love it.  His shorts, shoes and socks were soaked!  I basically had to tell him to suck it up, that he would dry.  We took off his shoes and socks and he was fine.  We left there and got packed up and headed back up to the mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I had only been on the parkway once in my life until last weekend and now I’ve been twice in the last 7 days.  We met Katie, Kris, Micah, and Claire, and another family up at the Blue Ridge Music Center for a concert.  Chatham Co. Line was playing that night.  It was such a random place for an amphitheater but it was so cool.  It was a gorgeous evening and we had a blast.  We brought a picnic and ate out there.  The kids loved playing together.  I brought glow sticks which they all had fun playing with.  We changed into pjs and they were out pretty quick on the way home.  We hope to make it up there again for some more concerts this summer. 

Today we had church and then the kids and I went to SciWorks.  We practically had the place to ourselves which was nice.  We stayed about 1.5 hours and then we went shopping at Walmart.  That wraps up the week.   Ready to get another one started tomorrow morning!

The pretend birthday boy!DSC_9451DSC_9452
They sang Happy Birthday using sign language since they can’t be loud in the cafeteria!
His teacher giving him pretend birthday spankings!DSC_9463DSC_9466
His assistant teacher going through the birthday book.DSC_9470
Love this boy so much!!!

The tee baller! 
She was yelling for Drew to come help her.DSC_9479
Look at that form!  DSC_9485DSC_9486DSC_9491
And eventually we got this! Too tired to run!DSC_9500
Will having fun at the birthday party. 
They put the mentos in soda and it was pretty cool to see them all explode.  Will’s didn’t work right at first but he had taken off running.  I had to do it so I didn’t get a picture!IMG_4734
Lindy was chilaxing at the concert last night.IMG_4741
Chatham Co. Line!
Taking a break
Playing today at SciWorks.IMG_4746IMG_4748
Lindy wants to build the pirate ship with Keva planks.  Maybe she can sweet talk Daddy!  ha!
Will’s creation!

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