Monday, June 9, 2014

Beginning of the Endings

Everything is starting to wrap up around here.  Tee ball ended and the countdown to the end of kindergarten is on. 

Tuesday morning the kids got to do a fun thing at school.  This spring they both got to be flag holders on Eagle Eye News, the student run news show at their school.  But on Tuesday they had real speaking roles.  Will got to do the weather and Lindy got to tell the menu.  It was very fitting since Will loves the weather and Lindy loves food.  Will was able to read his script which was on a big paper across the room but there was no way Lindy could read the menu across the room.  Over the weekend we worked on her memorizing the menu and by Tuesday she had it down pat.  They did great in practice but the real thing wasn’t quite as smooth!  After Lindy was done with her part they were supposed to walk off and hand the microphone to someone else.  Will did his part first and Lindy sat there and made two crazy faces.  When I asked why she did that she said she was trying to show them her teeth growing in.  ha!  After Will’s part he exited the scene – when he wasn’t supposed to.  So a couple seconds later you see him come back in the scene and sit back down!  Lindy did great saying her part from memory.  She did stop for a few seconds to check out the numbers on the calendar but then she picked right up and finished.  They got to do this part because they are twins.  Will’s teacher nominated all the twins in kindergarten to get to do something extra on Eagle Eye news. They thought it was great!  Will had tee ball Tuesday night.  He got some more good hits. 

Wednesday was Lindy’s day to celebrate her pretend birthday.  She requested Chick-fil-A and Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  When we got to school and she met us at the cafeteria she immediately told me her belly hurt.  She picked a friend, Ellie, to come sit with us at the visitor’s table and she started eating like normal.  Then in Lindy fashion – she threatened us with vomit.  I really thought she was going to hurl.  We had the bag from Chick-fil-A ready to catch it.  Drew took her out of the cafeteria into the nurse’s office but she never did anything.  All her friends got doughnuts but we didn’t let her eat one.  She wasn’t real happy with that but I told her we’d celebrate that night and she could have one.  That was the end of her celebration.  Nothing in the classroom like Will.  She did get a birthday crown and she was happy about that.  Will’s teacher actually made her a birthday banner and she was really excited about it.  Wednesday evening we had a parent meeting for the visually impaired summer camp Lindy is attending for a couple weeks this summer.  This will be her second year going.  While I was in the meeting they got to play on the playground and they had fun doing that. 

Thursday evening we had Ed and Jamie over for dinner and Friday was another big day for Will.  His class picnic was on Friday at 11:30am.  We met at school and headed to the picnic.  Drew was able to stay for about 30 mins before he had to leave.  Right after he left Lindy’s assistant teacher walks out with Lindy’s lunch box and says, “I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Lindy just threw up.”   uggggggg.  Drew was gone and Will would have been crushed if I left his party.  Her assistant said she was in the nurse’s office so I walked in to see her.  She seemed fine.  It’s practically impossible to get an answer out of her but she said she felt better and that she probably just ate too much.  I didn’t know what to do though.  They wouldn’t let her go back to class or out to Will’s party with me.  The ladies in the office told me to just leave her resting on the bed and go back to the party.  I felt bad but I did.  I kind of wanted to see if she would get sick again too.  I headed back to the party and we finished eating and then Will’s teachers did a little presentation.  The kids sang and danced to 5 songs and then his teacher presented every student with a trophy that says their name and Kindergarten 2013-2014 on it.   It was very sweet.   They were getting ready to play a couple games so I went in to check on Lindy again and she was fine.  She was loving life in the nurse’s office.  She was really enjoying NOT being in class!  She was just chilling and said she felt fine.  She hadn’t gotten sick again.  I went back to the party for just a few more minutes and then it was soon over. 

Our afternoon plans were switched up a bit with her being sick and Will’s class party.  Will’s teacher told them they could leave after the party and Will did not want to stay.  He was having his friend James over to play that afternoon and so I ended up taking both of them home with me.  Lindy was originally supposed to go play with Katie and Claire but Katie was going to get her after she got out of school.  Long story short, Katie said Lindy could still come play – she knows Lindy’s antics well – and we ended up taking her over there around 1:30pm.  I took the boys home with me – after stopping at Krispy Kreme for national doughnut day.  Will had a lot of fun with his friend and I think he really enjoyed not having Lindy around! ha!  We headed to drop James off around 5pm and pick Lindy up.  We ended up staying there and eating dinner and letting the kids play some more. 

Saturday we finished up tee ball for the season.  Both kids played their last games.  Will had his last game at 10am that morning.   He had some good hits and he got taken out.  He was running to second when one of the other team members turned at the exact right time to go get a ball and practically tackled Will.  He got up crying a bit but he kept running and his coach ran with him.  He came over and was upset about getting the dirt on his face and in his mouth.  He rebounded quickly though when he found out his coach had brought ice cream for them!  Ice cream makes everything better.  I guess he doesn’t have any kind of closing ceremonies because his coach actually had all the trophies and gave them to all the kids.   It was a good season for Will.  He did a ton better than last year.  I asked him if he wanted to play pee wee and he said “no, they have real outs.”  I think we can convince him to try it in the fall when I hear it’s a lot more laid back. 

We left Will’s game and headed to Lindy’s game which was supposed to be at 12pm.  Instead we almost saw a fist fight between two coaches and her game started around 1pm.  There were four kids Saturday and they just batted.  Because it was so late they didn’t play long.  Lindy does have closing ceremonies this Saturday and she will get her trophy then.  She will finally get a trophy.  She has been wanting one something bad! 

We headed home and changed clothes real fast and then the kids and I headed to Charlotte to meet up with Drew.  Drew was performing a wedding on Saturday night and had to go on Friday for the rehearsal.  We got down there in time to drop the kids at GrandBob and Suzette’s and for me to change and then Drew and I headed out.  Bob and Suzette watched the kids while we were gone.  They took them to get dinner and it was supposedly a good time.  They said Lindy belted out Let it Go with a pretend microphone in the restaurant.  She also asked for two bowls of spaghetti so Suzette actually gave her two small soup bowls of spaghetti.  When Suzette got back Lindy told her “her dreams had been answered.”   They said she ate it all and was so excited about her two bowls.  On the way home she told me she had one for dinner and one for dessert.  ha!  We got back there and loaded them up and headed home.  Will was out like a light and Lindy followed pretty soon afterwards. 

Today we had church and I ran errands.  On the way to church I said, “looks like it’s going to rain.”  Will goes, “Then why is it called SUN-day?”  ha ha!  I had to laugh.  Then he started making up jokes.  “What day of the week should it never rain?  SUN-Day”  and “What day of the week should you sit around?  SAT-urday!”  Clever boy.  

Eagle Eye Newscasters
Lindy’s pretend birthday celebration.  Before the puke scare.DSC_9512DSC_9509

Lindy has decided she likes skirts.  She always complains about wearing dresses and skirts but this week she was asking to wear them everyday!  Very odd!  But she sure does look cute in them!DSC_9515
Will’s class
Will busting out some dancing moves!DSC_9522
Getting his trophy from his teacher.  DSC_9526
Hugs for his assistant teacher!DSC_9529DSC_9530
Will and his buddy James!  No height difference at all, huh?
Some of his sidewalk creations.DSC_9538DSC_9540
Taking a break Friday afternoon from playing.IMG_4797
Meanwhile I got this picture from Katie Friday afternoon.  Lindy was doing tricks on the skateboard and couldn’t wait to show us when we got there!
I took some pictures of the kids before their games on Saturday.DSC_9546
Will’s last game.  He got to play pitcher so he was happy! DSC_9555DSC_9556DSC_9559DSC_9560DSC_9563DSC_9570
My little Hot Rod!
Will and Coach Casey
Lindy’s last game!  She draws her lines before each hit.DSC_9574DSC_9575DSC_9576
They were stealing bases and keeping it a secret!DSC_9577
Lindy with one of her teammates, Erica.DSC_9578

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