Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 4th at Oak Island

Last week was a three day week for Drew and me.  We didn’t have any childcare though so we had to piece it all together.  They mostly stayed at home with Drew but they did go to our neighbors’ house on Tuesday for a good, long visit so that Drew could go visit some church folks. 

They love going to our neighbors’ house to see Miss Mary Ann and her two boys.  From what I hear Will pals up with the older boy, Matthew, and Lindy hangs out with Nathan and Mary Ann.  Matthew introduced Will to Minecraft and he was hooked.  We will have to look into it and see if it is a good birthday present.  We know nothing about it.  I know Lindy helped Mary Ann with a pudding dessert and I got a text of her face covered in chocolate!   Lindy loves helping so I know she enjoys doing that with her.  That afternoon they came to my office for a bit too. 

Wednesday evening we left for the beach.  Starting last weekend they started talking about a tropical storm that was probably going to form and hit NC.  I was mad thinking it might ruin our beach trip.  We ended up deciding to go because we kept hearing it would be gone by Friday and it would be a beautiful weekend.   We got down to Oak Island Wednesday night and we woke up to rain on Thursday.  It turned into a category 1 hurricane and I think it eventually turned into a category 2 after it passed us.  It rained all day on Thursday but we were underwhelmed by the Category 1 hurricane Arthur.   We didn’t even see big winds like we were expecting.  We played at the beach house all day long.  It was a big game of entertain the kids.  We played games, read, watched TV.  Thankfully we never lost power and when we woke up Friday morning it was a gorgeous beach day!  Never would you have known a hurricane had passed by.

We spent the next three days on the beach.  We headed down Friday morning with Mimo and Aunt Anna.  We headed down Friday afternoon with the same people plus Aunt Jamie who drove down.  Friday night we had a low country boil – yummy yum yum.  Anna’s fiance, Brian, also got there Friday evening. 

Friday night we headed down to the other end of the island to catch the fireworks in Southport.  We were underwhelmed by them as well and the kids were super tired.  Both actually fell asleep on the way back to the house.   We did some pop-its and a sparkler before we left for the fireworks.  Will warned us not to touch the top of it after his was done because it was really hot.  Later I found out that he did touch it which is how he found out it was really hot.  

Saturday we got up and did some yard work around the house in the morning.  We picked up sticks from the storm, Drew cleaned the gutters and I mowed the back yard.  We ate lunch and then spent the entire lovely afternoon on the beach.   Will begged enough all weekend that he finally convinced Drew to take him to play putt putt too. 

Sunday we got up and headed to the beach as well.  It was a mostly cloudy and little bit cooler day on the beach and it was about perfect!  The kids had tidal pools to play in and it would have been easy to stay forever.  But unfortunately we had to pack up and head home that day.   

Enjoy some pictures!

Lindy was all about some Nelly this weekend.  She was all over her!
July 3rd shirts
Mimo knew it was going to be a long rainy day so she planned to make homemade play doh with the kids.  It was a hit!  They played with it for a long time!DSC_9866DSC_9867
July 4th outfits!
I forgot my camera on Friday so I made up for it on Saturday and Sunday!

July 5th beach outfits!
Will playing putt putt Saturday afternoon.  He loves putt putt!golf photo
Dig my kids a ‘pool’, separate ones at that, and they play for a long time in them!  Or until the tide comes in and ruins them.DSC_0033DSC_0034DSC_0035
My cute little watermelon!
Lindy had to poop while at the beach.  The $3 potty from IKEA is a staple we take with us to the beach.  Anna and Brian were downwind.  P-U! ha ha ha!
I brought Lindy’s Jake sun shirt Sunday and she was so proud of it!  DSC_0050DSC_0051

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