Thursday, July 31, 2014

SEE Camp and the Beavers in NC

The kids and I headed home Sunday night and I worked for two days and Lindy went to SEE camp for three days.  SEE camp is a camp for visually impaired kids.  It stands for Summer Enrichment Experience.  She went last summer for two weeks and loved it.  The best part – it’s free!!  They do all kinds of fun things but they also work on independent living skills.  They worked on putting toothpaste on a toothbrush one day and they get to make their snack each day.  Lindy talked a lot about playing the drums last week with Scott.  It’s a great experience and she is there with kids from her school.  She loves going.

Wednesday was a super fun day for the SEE camp kids.  Lindy’s age group got to go up to Stokes County and go zip lining!  I ended up taking the day off of work so I could go with her and watch.  Will and I dropped her off at camp and then we rode up and waited for them to get there.  Will kept saying he sure wished he could do it and I tried to nicely explain that he had to just watch.  Which I know was tough for the kid.  But it turned out that if I paid for him to do it, they would let him tag along with Lindy’s group.  So I paid and they both got to do it.  Lindy asked a million questions leading up to the first line so I think she was very unsure of what was going on.  Once she went one time she was hooked.  They both loved it!  The guide was shaking their line and making them bounce and they both thought it was so funny.  They did most of them by themselves but the last two they had to do with an adult because they didn’t weigh enough.  They had a blast and now I really want to do it.  Hopefully we can go back as a family sometime soon.

We left the zip lining place and headed back to Mooresville – this time for more than a night.  We spent the next three nights in Mooresville playing with the Beaver family.  The kids had a blast with their cousins in the pool and at the lake.  We got to go tubing a couple times on the lake which was fun. 

Lindy shocked us all by basically swimming in the pool.  She still has floaties on but she puts her head down in the water and kicks and swims along!  At the beginning of the summer she didn’t want to get her hair wet and at the end of July she is basically swimming!  She has come so far!  Mr. Cautious is not there yet.  He does not even bow to peer pressure.  He doesn’t care if everyone else is going under.  He is just fine with his floaties above the pool!  One day he’ll get there (I hope!). 

Friday night Amy had a little birthday party for the kids. We normally always see her in July and she always has a little party for them and gives them her gifts.  They made a super cool tie dye big cupcake and gave the kids their presents. 

Amy and family headed home Saturday morning around 8am.  We headed home shortly after for a weekend full of parties. 

Flying through the trees!
Time at the lake with one of my favorite girls!DSC_0267DSC_0295DSC_0317DSC_0322
Will played with this big contraption for days.  They pretended it was a bunch of different things.  DSC_0326DSC_0327
Such a great cousin!
Look at her go!!DSC_0371DSC_0373DSC_0375
Hayley’s hair made for some great pictures on Friday!DSC_0390
Lee was trying to tip Amy.  It never worked!DSC_0397DSC_0422DSC_0424DSC_0431
The kids’ first birthday party of the weekend!DSC_0440DSC_0441DSC_0442DSC_0446
Shelly and ChrisIMG_4403
The closest you’ll ever see to Lee smiling in a picture!IMG_4419
Papa and the blond haired – make that platinum haired beauty!+-
Fun picture of some night swimmingIMG_5258

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