Friday, August 1, 2014

Birthday Parties

We got home on Saturday morning and we quickly got to work to get ready for the kids’ family birthday party at our house.  Technically it was their second party since they had had a small one with my sister’s family the night before.  We got everything ready and our first guests came at 4pm.  Just kidding – like usual, GrandBob showed up 30 mins early! 

GrandBob, Mimo, Aunt Anna, Nana and Papa, Aunt Joan and Uncle Curtis, Ms. Martha, and our neighbors Mary Ann, Doug, Matthew and Nathan were the guests at the party.  It was a very low-key party.  Just hung out, ate dinner, and opened presents. 

Lindy is very much into Paw Patrol right now so we did a Paw Patrol theme.  There is no Paw Patrol themed stuff out there though.  There is some dog stuff I got and then I got some stuff off the Nick Jr. website. 

Sunday the kids had their third birthday party.  It was the first birthday party just for friends that we have had at a location.  We had it at our local Science museum and it was easy and fun.  We couldn’t do any decorating so we just had some snacks, let them play in the museum and watched a laser light show.  Kids started arriving at 2pm and we were leaving by 4:15pm.  They both had kids from their classes, a friend from church and a friend of mine and her son (who was on Will’s basketball team). 

We were all exhausted Sunday night after all the parties.  It was a fun weekend celebrating the upcoming birthday. 


Paw prints leading up to the door!
Dog Bones and Puppy Slop, Puppy Chow and Pup CornDSC_0467DSC_0472
Pawtato Chips
Paw Berriers and Fruit Kibbles
Hey, Ryder.  I mean, GrandBob!! DSC_0496DSC_0503DSC_0508DSC_0517DSC_0526DSC_0530DSC_0532DSC_0536DSC_0537DSC_0541DSC_0543DSC_0547DSC_0550
Church Sunday morning
SciWorks birthday partyDSC_0556DSC_0561DSC_0563DSC_0566DSC_0567DSC_0569DSC_0570DSC_0576DSC_0577
The whole birthday gang!DSC_0581DSC_0582DSC_0583

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