Sunday, August 10, 2014

Last Week of Summer Camps

Last week the kids went to their final week of camp for the summer.  Which means summer is coming to an end.  How did that happen?  It’s scary how fast time goes.  Seems like yesterday I sat down to plan out their summer and here it is almost over.

They went back to SciWorks for Kaleidoscope Kids camp.  It was a camp all about colors.  They did fun things like tie dye a shirt, play with shaving cream, markers, etc. 

Unfortunately Lindy didn’t get to attend the first two days.  She had started getting a cold last weekend and sounded just horrible.  She didn’t feel well on Monday.  Drew was actually away at a youth retreat so we took Will to camp and went to the orientation but then she came home with me.  Being sick in our house means way more TV than normally allowed so she was content to sit and watch TV.  I ended up working from home and actually got a good bit done – thanks TV.   Tuesday morning we started her albuterol treatments and kept her home again.  She didn’t feel quite as bad as the day before but she sounded worse.   By the end of the day she was feeling much, much better.  She slept that night which was great!  She went to camp Wednesday through Friday. 

Besides sickness and camp it was a pretty boring week.  We ate out a bunch which we normally don’t do.   No one wanted to cook this week. 

We did do a first of sorts on Saturday morning.  We got up and got ready and then we split up and took the kids to breakfast.  Drew and Lindy went to the K&W and Will and I went to Café Arthur’s.  It has the cheapest French Toast in town which we both love.  Will and I ran a couple errands after breakfast, with the main one being to find him some school shoes.  We ended up at the mall and I let him ride the train and get a cookie.  We found one pair of shoes at Striderite, which was a mad house.  Drew and Lindy had breakfast and then went to Barnes and Noble.  She got to pick a couple new books out and Drew said she read for the longest time.  She is quite the reader now!  They also made a stop at Krispy Kreme for a fruit chiller.  It was pretty funny because we left at exactly the same time and without planning it, we got home at exactly the same time.  Drew said he followed me from Hanes Mill Rd. to home but I didn’t see him until we were pulling into our neighborhood.  Perfect timing! 

The weekend was pretty dreary.  It was cloudy and misting the whole weekend.  I worked on projects around the house for two days.  Some planned, some not (like an impromptu cleaning of the garage). 

I have practically no pictures but here is what I did take.

Will worked on his first Lego kit this week.  He built this by himself!  I loved how they played so long with the Legos for multiple afternoons!
The American Ninja Warrior perfecting his moves on the spider climb.
My French Toast buddy.IMG_5317
Breakfast selfies!  He asked to take one!  Love him!IMG_5318
Riding the train.
Going to church.  The weather was so cool it called for pants.  In August?  What?
She doesn’t like being called cute, but man oh man she looked cute today!  Love this new outfit she got for her birthday!!DSC_0655

Awwwwwwwwwww… So cute!!

Okay, I found 10 pictures.  More than I thought I had!

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