Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last Vacation of the Summer

We worked for two days and then we headed off on our last vacation of the summer.  One last little trip before the daily grind of school starts. 

We left early Wednesday morning and headed to Oak Island.  We got there a little after lunch and soon after GrandBob and Suzette showed up.  We got unpacked but decided to head to Southport for the afternoon instead of the beach.  Drew’s stomach was upset and it was getting later in the afternoon.  We headed to Southport and Suzette and I ditched the rest of the family and looked in a few shops around downtown.  We met back up and headed to dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Provision Company.  We had a yummy dinner on the water and then we headed to Walmart for some shopping. 

Thursday morning we were up early and on the beach around 9am.  We had absolutely gorgeous weather.  It was all sunny but not blazing hot like it could have been in the middle of August.  We stayed on the beach till after lunch and then we headed for a break. We went back out for a few hours and then back in for dinner.  We got food from Jones Seafood for dinner and then Drew, Bob and Will headed to play putt putt.  Apparently everyone else on the island headed to play as well.  They said the line was too long to play so they played some video games and headed home.  

Friday we were back on the beach early again, stayed until lunch and then headed in.  Drew, Bob and Will headed back to play putt putt.  They said it was hot!  They got back and Suzette I headed back to the beach and read and took a walk.  We went back for a yummy low country boil and then we all went back to the beach.  We hardly ever go out after dinner but it was great out there.  Great lighting for great pictures!  The only bad part was getting everyone cleaned up for bed.

Saturday morning we headed to the beach early and in at lunch time.  Sadly we had to pack up, clean up, and we left around 2:30pm.  We stopped in Asheboro for dinner at Sir Pizza.  It was a great weekend.  Nice to get one last trip in and I was so happy the weather was nice.

The fun continued for the weekend though.  We went to church Sunday morning and then we headed to Charlotte to Lynn’s house.  We had dinner with her and then Drew and I went to the Carolina Panthers versus Kansas City Chiefs football game.  It was our first NFL football game.  Who cares if it was preseason?!  My favorite team is the Chiefs so I was so excited to see them play.  The best part was we got free tickets from some church members.  Even better!  It was a super late night getting home but it was worth it!

My favorite romper from this summer!DSC_0665DSC_0669
Dinner at the Provision Company.DSC_0671DSC_0672
Kids’ first time really playing with the boogie boards.  We had some bad moments – a wave taking Lindy out and Will sliding off and practically breaking his neck – but otherwise they had fun.DSC_0675DSC_0677DSC_0680DSC_0684DSC_0686
They thought they were certified surfers though.DSC_0693
Old men need to nap.DSC_0721
Our favorite thing in the world, holes.  Will was super proud of these holes which were all connected and he called his waterpark. DSC_0726
We saw dolphins Friday morning!DSC_0729
The water was super calm last week.DSC_0743DSC_0746DSC_0748DSC_0756DSC_0757DSC_0760DSC_0767DSC_0774DSC_0777
This was definitely his pose for the trip!DSC_0792
She wrote her name in the sand!DSC_0799
So then he had to.DSC_0802DSC_0806
Heading into Bank of America Stadium Sunday night.IMG_5347
I stood out in my Chiefs shirt!IMG_5351IMG_5355IMG_5356

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