Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Last week was the big birthday week!  Hard to believe it’s come and gone.

Last week the kids were both in camp – although at different camps.  Lindy went to her second week of SEE camp and Will went to an Inventive Builder Lego camp.  Will’s camp was 5 mins from my office so he went to work with me each day and then I ran him up at 9am.  I picked him up most of the week too and he hung out with me for a couple hours before Drew came and got him.  He is really easy to have around the office.  The two of them together are not so easy to have around.  Monday night we had an impromptu dinner date with Mike and Janice at the ice cream shop.  We were so happy to celebrate with Janice as she got the ‘all clear’ cancer report.  She’s been fighting lung cancer since the end of last year and she responded so well to every medicine. 

Tuesday was another camp day for both.  Lindy fell on the playground and knocked a huge goose egg on the back of her head.  I wasn’t too happy about it because it’s a camp for visually impaired kids and they are supposed to have one on one volunteers.  The strangest thing did happen that night though.  I put in the video of them at one week old in the NICU and Lindy was so upset.  It really scared her to see all the wires and isolette.  I tried telling her she grew up big and healthy but it still bothered her and I had to turn it off.  I grabbed another one from the stack and it happened to be their first birthday parties.  I wanted to show her everything turned out okay.  During the first couple minutes of that one she coughed, gagged, and I ran her to the bathroom where she threw up 3 times.  Of course then I was worried she had a concussion from hitting her head.  She was fine the rest of the night.  I kept asking her questions and she answered them all.  I have no clue what it was.  Not sure if she got that upset about the videos or a concussion or a freak thing. 

Wednesday the kids woke up to streamers in the door to start the birthday celebration out right.  They thought that was fun.  We had breakfast and then we let them open their gifts because I knew it wouldn’t be till late evening if we didn’t.  The kids got a box of Legos and then a new Nintendo 3DS.  I got a killer deal on them and ended up going for it.  Will was super excited and shocked to get it.   My sister had gotten him Mario Kart for the 3DS and he had been so worried about it all weekend.  I told him we’d have to exchange it during the week.  Finally he forgot about it on Monday and then when he opened the 3DS he knew he could play the game on it.  They are a lot different than my old Game Boy and even the DS they had (hand-me-downs from my sister).  They will take some learning to get used to.  Will LOVES it and Lindy likes it.  That is all he has wanted to do lately. 

They both went to camp and Lindy took cupcakes with her.  It worked out perfect because we had a ton leftover from the parties over the weekend.  Will was not allowed to bring a treat but they did sing happy birthday to him.  It was fun for them to be in a camp setting with other kids on their birthday because usually they are not. 

I picked them up from camp and they hung with me for awhile and then we headed to a very special birthday treat.   Our local news station has a backyard BBQ where they invite local nonprofits to come and they talk to them during the 5 and 6pm news.  The March of Dimes got a last minute invite.  At first I didn’t think we could go because of their birthday but then we decided it would be pretty neat to do for their birthday.  The kids ended up being on tv 3-4 times during the news.  They did two teasers with them, a 2 minute clip, and then sang happy birthday in another clip.  They got to be on TV for their birthday!   After they were done on TV we got to take a tour of the studio and sit at the anchors’ desk and do pretend weather forecasts.  Will had fun with that.  The news anchor showing us around was playing with Lindy and a green sheet.  It would look like just their heads existed behind Will doing his forecast.  We had fun but I did feel bad that there was not one thing the kids would eat.  They ended up eating birthday cake we had brought with us.  Since it was their birthday I let it slide but I felt like an awful mother.   We got home and called all the grandparents who had been trying to reach us.  We talked to everyone and got the kids in bed.  What a day!

Thursday was a busy day too.  Will had Lego camp and he went home from Lego camp with his friend from church, Dylan, who was at camp too.  He was so excited about that.  At 11:45am Lindy had her closing lunch for SEE camp.  Drew and I met there and ate lunch with her.  The entire rest of the camp was heading over to a local theatre to do a talent show and the older kids were putting on a play.  Unfortunately Lindy had 2 doctors’ appointments and didn’t get to go to the talent show.  She was bummed.   She had two of her yearly appointments – one with the audiologist to check her hearing and the other with the ENT.  Everything went well with the audiologist.    Everything is good, stable, the same.  One of her hearing aids had been recently crackling but of course the audiologist didn’t hear it.  She said it could be moisture which happens in the summer more often.  ENT was uneventful too.  They scheduled more appointments for next summer. 

Will stayed at Dylan’s house all afternoon and it just happened to be that his mom was coming to our house for a meeting at 6pm that night so she brought him back with her.  He had fun playing at their house.  We ate dinner with the group that was over to our house and then we went and did our normal nightly stuff while they had their meeting.

Lindy didn’t have camp on Friday but Will did.  I dropped him off while Lindy hung with Drew.  They had a closing presentation at 11am so we met there at 11am.  Each kid was able to save their favorite Lego creation from the week and that is what they presented on Friday.  They called each one up and each kid had to say their name, age, and what they built.  It was short and sweet.  Will built a little truck.  It might have been the smallest thing there – but it was cute!  We left camp and had lunch and then I went back to work and they ran errands.

Saturday Drew left for a youth group retreat at the beach and the kids and I headed to Charlotte for Anna’s first bridal shower.  Lindy and I were invited.  I had Will with me since Drew was gone but he ended up hanging out with GrandBob.  Suzette rode with Lindy and me.  Lindy was not too happy about having to wear a dress and go to a girls’ party. “I wish I was a boy” were her exact words.  She perked up when I said Mimo and cake would be there.   We headed back to GrandBob and Suzette’s and Mimo and Anna came over for dinner.  The kids and I headed out around 7pm.  We stopped on the way at a Walmart and got home after 9pm.   I had taken the sheets off the kids’ beds so I put them in my bed to go to sleep.  Will has been bugging me to sleep with him so I moved Lindy to her bed and let Will sleep with me all night. 

Sunday we went to church and had a pot luck lunch afterwards.  We ran to Costco and headed home.  Lindy woke up pretty junky and stopped up Sunday morning and I knew she was starting to come down with something.  We got home and we all vegged out.  I was really tired and she didn’t feel well so we just took it easy.  It was pretty nice.  I had already planned to let Lindy sleep with me Sunday night but I definitely wanted her to since she was getting sick.  She slept okay once she settled down. 

A few pictures from the week…

Happy 7th Birthday!!!!
Presents bright and early!DSC_0591DSC_0592DSC_0593DSC_0594
He was shocked about the DS!DSC_0595
Checking it out.DSC_0599DSC_0600DSC_0601
At the Backyard BBQ with Chris LeeDSC_0602DSC_0604DSC_0607
Lindy loved the microphone and kept taking it and doing news reports.
Touring the newsroom with ChrisDSC_0613
Playing with the green screenDSC_0614IMG_5285
Will doing a forecast.  He forecasted a mild cold front from Canada and a snowstorm.  ha!IMG_5286
Checking out the traffic center.IMG_5287DSC_0617
Lindy’s favorite part of SEE camp, the drums!IMG_5301
Her excitement at waiting for Will’s Lego presentation.DSC_0620
Will’s Lego creation.DSC_0623DSC_0625
Anna at her shower. Presents!  yay!DSC_0627DSC_0631DSC_0648DSC_0652

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