Sunday, May 5, 2013

Where is Spring?

I’m about tired of cloudy and cool temperatures.  I wish it would warm up.

We had a pretty quiet week with not a whole lot going on. Work has calmed down and I’ve been getting home on time – which is always nice. 

The kids have spent their afternoons driving their Jeeps.  Man they love those Jeeps! 

Will woke up in the middle of the night with a bloody nose again.  Always fun to have to change sheets in the middle of the night.  That happened around 2:45am and I woke up at 7:15am that morning.  Way late!  I had set the alarm wrong.  I jumped out of bed to get in the shower and found we had no hot water.  That definitely woke me up.  It was a rough morning!

Thursday evening Will had a tee ball game at 6pm.  Lindy decided she wanted to go to choir practice so Drew took her since he had a meeting at church.  I took Will to his game.  It was chilly out there.  The game went fine.  Drew and Lindy walked up about 6:40pm.  Lindy had been the only one at choir practice so they just did a short one.  He had time to run her to me before his meeting.

Friday the kids had a little program at school.  Each week of the school year has corresponded to a letter (with the exception of a few holiday weeks they had here and there).  With each week they learned a silly letter song.  They just finished up the alphabet weeks and so on Friday they sang some of the silly songs for the parents.  Each class got to vote on 3 letter songs and they all sang them together.  Then Will’s class did a song about the months of the year and Lindy’s class did a potato song.  They were all cute.  Lindy saw Drew and was waving at him.  She had taken to calling him Fireman Dad last week so she kept saying, “Hi Fireman Dad.”  After the little performance we had a picnic with the classes out on their playground.  They had fun having lunch and playing. 

Friday night Drew and the kids came and met me at work and we headed out to dinner.  Then we went to a Winston-Salem Dash baseball game.  It was the first game for the kids and I.  Drew has been before.  We went with Katie, Kris, and their kids.  We got there early and let the kids play in the kids’ area.  They had about 5 different bounce houses to play in.  We let them do two things each.  The game was fun, but COLD!  We stayed until the 8th inning and then headed home. 

Saturday morning I was up again at 4:15am to head to another March for Babies in Eden, NC.  Drew got the kids up and around and had to take Will to baseball pictures at 9am.  Then he had a game at 10am.  Drew said it was cold out.  I believe it since it was cold at the walk.  I got home around 3:30pm but didn’t have too long to do much.  I showered and got ready for a wedding shower for my co-worker Jonathon.  It was a Kentucky Derby themed shower so I borrowed a big hat from my friend Wendy and headed with my other co-worker Velvet to the shower.  We were given a horse when we walked in and I had #3 Revolutionary.  I should have won! 

BUT – wait, I did win at home in our little contest of our family and GrandBob.  As I was walking out the door I told Drew I wanted #16.  I went to the party and got home later that evening and Drew asked if I was happy.  I couldn’t remember which horse I had told Drew and so I was elated to find out that I had picked the winning horse – and beat Bob Southern.  AGAIN.  I’m getting pretty used to it.  Not sure he is getting used to losing to me.  ha ha ha ha!!!!! 

Today we had church and the kids sang and rang bells in church.  Lindy put on another performance during children’s church.  It was anniversary Sunday at church – they have been in the building for 14  years.  She talked and talked and talked and at one point mentioned the Superheroes that helped build the church.  I’m going to send her to children’s time with masking tape on her mouth next week.  We stayed for a yummy potluck after church and then we headed to the kids’ school.  They were having a retirement party for the director of their school.  The kids got on stage and sang a really cute song for her.  They had fun playing with Monkey Hooper hula hoops before and after the program.

That sums up the week!  Until next time.

At the preschool program on Friday.  Will always stands next to the freakishly tall girls.  One beside him, one in front of him.  DSC_1459DSC_1464Doing the months of the year song.DSC_1467Doing the potato song.DSC_1472Lindy spent most of the program wiping her nose on her arms.  Her allergies are bad right now.DSC_1474Ice cream after the picnic lunch!DSC_1475DSC_1481The Dash game Friday night!DSC_1486DSC_1488Best Buds!  Lindy and Claire.DSC_1490Headed to my Derby party!  DSC_1493Katie, me, and Velvet.  It must run in the family.  I always stand next to the freakishly tall girls.  ha!IMG_2151Lindy rang with wild abandon, mostly when she wasn’t supposed to be.IMG_2152She spent most of the time playing or talking to Ms. Lisa.IMG_2154Monkey Hooping today at the retirement party.DSC_1498DSC_1501Singing on stage.DSC_1502

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Good thing you spend your Thursday, Friday and Saturday with your kids. I'm sure they have a great time bonding with their mom.