Sunday, May 19, 2013

First Tooth Fairy Visit!

Our week started out with a first for our family.  Our first tooth came out on Monday night!  Lindy has had two loose front teeth (and a permanent tooth growing in behind one of them) for a week or so.  She wiggled and wiggled and it was practically just hanging on.  I finally asked her if I could pull it and she said yes.  It was so hard to get a hold of that tiny little tooth but I did and I pulled and it came out!  I can’t believe my baby girl lost a tooth.  I don’t know how this is happening.  I swear I just gave birth to them last week?!?!  She was pretty excited to have a ‘window’ in her mouth.  They have been reading a book lately where they call a missing tooth a window in your mouth.  We lost the tooth three times before we finally got it wrapped up in a wash cloth and under her pillow. 

I have always seen the cute little tooth fairy pillows and I guess I thought I had time.  I need to get some ordered before too many more fall out! 

She woke up Tuesday morning and they were so excited to check under her pillow.  She pulled out a dollar bill and she acted like she had won the lottery!  It was pretty funny.  Of course Will said, “I wish my tooth would come out!”  The tooth fairy also left Lindy a certificate for losing her first tooth.  We asked Lindy what she wanted to do with her dollar and she said put it in her piggy bank.  We told her she could spend it at a store if she wanted and she still said she wanted to put it in her piggy bank.  A girl after my own heart!  ha!  

She was so excited to go to school and show her teacher and her friends.  We have another loose one that will be out in a matter of days.  Maybe I’ll let Drew pull this one out!

Wednesday the kids had a friend over after school.  Drew picked them all up from school and brought them home.  They were so excited that he came home with them.  He was here a couple hours before his grandmother picked him up.  They had a blast with him.  He is in Lindy’s class at school and their gymnastics class as well.  Will likes playing with him too. 

That afternoon Drew picked me up from work at 4:30pm and we headed straight to Mooresville.  My parents finally decided their retirement location would be in NC.  They put an offer on a lot right near Lake Norman when they were here in April and they closed on the lot on Wednesday.  My dad had come down to meet with two builders they are talking to.  We picked him up at his hotel and he rode us out to the lot.  It’s not lake front but it’s pretty close.  They get a deeded boat slip with the house.  The slip is about 75 yards down the road.  The kids thought it was pretty neat to see the lake.  I hobbled down to check it out.  We ate dinner with my dad, dropped him off at the hotel, changed the kids into pjs, and headed home.  Glad we changed the kids because they both fell asleep. 

Thursday I got home from work and my dad was there with a bucket of chicken for dinner.  Score!  We ate dinner and then headed to Will’s tee ball game.  Will did awesome again!  He hit it from the assistant coach pitching all three times!!   So exciting!  After the game my dad left to start the drive back to Ohio and we headed home for bedtime.

Saturday was a busy day for us.  We got up and did some cooking for a potluck lunch we were having.  We headed to Will’s tee ball game at 10am.  GrandBob and Suzette came to watch.  He did great again!  He hit two out of three pitches from the coach and ended up hitting one off the tee.  He is pretty excited to be hitting the ball like the other kids!  So much for tee ball!  We left the ball field and headed straight down to a park in Winston for the 3rd Annual Banister Family Reunion.  The only problem was that it was pouring.  Thankfully we did have a shelter reserved so we all ate under the shelter and the rain stopped.  The crowd was happy to get the kick ball game in.  The wet grass added a new element to the game this year.  I didn’t get to play, for the first time ever, because of my foot.  I took pictures from the sidelines.  Will played for the first time ever.  He stood right next to Bob while he was pitching and he pitched to some of the other kids playing.  He was loving life!  The other couple years he hasn’t been interested at all.   After the reunion, Mimo, Aunt Anna, and Brian came back to our house.  Aunt Anna and Brian stayed a couple hours and then headed home.  Drew and I headed out to dinner with Katie and Kris.  We had a good time but we were both so tired.  It stinks getting old! 

Today we had church and the kids sang and played bells in church.  It was a rough morning for Lindy.  During one of the songs they stomp their feet.  They stand up on this 1 foot platform.  She was really getting into it and I kept thinking she is going to fall off.  Sure enough, she fell off.  Her choir director ran to get her and then handed her to me after I had hobbled up there.  She cried for a few seconds and then headed back up.  Then they got bells and Lindy was next to Will while they were ringing.  Will is kind of a wild (but good) bell ringer.  I missed it but all of a sudden she is crying and running down off the platform to me, pointing at her eyebrow.  Apparently Will knocked her with his bell.  She wanted to go back after she was done crying and I told her no that she was done for the day.   Lynn took us to lunch and then headed home to a sick puppy.  I was able to get a little house work done while she played with the kids for a bit. 

My foot is doing better.  I didn’t feel good at the beginning of the week.  Had little appetite and just felt blah.  I was able to start getting it wet and therefore it does look better.  I went to the doctor on Friday and she said it looked good so far.  I was hoping she would tell me I didn’t need to bandage it so much and could stop wearing the boot but she didn’t.  Instead she said to wear it 1-2 more weeks.  Boo.  I am very nervous about stubbing it or something dropping on it.  Will did just barely knock it today and it hurt.  I’m hobbling faster each day.   I had been telling Drew I thought I had some kind of blood blister on the bottom that is preventing me from putting pressure on it and the doctor confirmed it.  She said my toe is probably full of blood.  Still praying it doesn’t get any kind of infection in it.  I’m being super careful when I change the bandages so hopefully it will heal well.

Until next week…

One tooth out – 19 more to go!DSC_1550Tiniest tooth you ever did see!DSC_1554Tucked in safe under the pillow.DSC_1561Next morning checking out what is under the pillow now.DSC_1563Score!DSC_1565So excited to find a dollar!!DSC_1567DSC_1572Putting it in her piggy bank like a good girl.DSC_1573Her certificate the tooth fairy left.DSC_1575DSC_1576Super cool lighting in this picture!DSC_1578DSC_1579Checking out the boat slip.  DSC_1584Proud owner of a lot and boat slip!DSC_1586Cutest ball player EVER!DSC_1588DSC_1592DSC_1596DSC_1598Good Hit Buddy!DSC_1607DSC_1612DSC_1613DSC_1617I made cupcakes for the tee ball snack and these two asked for the beaters.  DSC_1622DSC_1624DSC_1625At the family reunion.  Lindy is into huddling these days.DSC_1626Will, Bob’s assistant pitcher!DSC_1632Lindy got a turn kicking DSC_1636and running to first base!DSC_1637Molly was a huge help playing with Lindy on Saturday.  She taught her to pinkie promise and now we’ve done a lot of it!DSC_1641The winning kick ball team!DSC_1649Mimo, Lindy and Aunt Anna.DSC_1653Mimo and her grand daughters!DSC_1654Lindy and MollyDSC_1655The whole gang!DSC_1657The trouble makers.DSC_1660Me and Kelsey – one of my fave cousins!DSC_1662Today before church with Mimo.DSC_1664He was one of those guys who plays the guitar, drums, and harmonica at the same time.  DSC_1666She was obsessed with the mic during the opening songs.  IMG_2179This was right before she fell off.IMG_2181


Javier Portocarrero said...

Awww! That is so adorable. It's too bad that Lindy got into that bit of a mishap and had her tooth shaken loose, although I think she took it all in stride. Can you tell us how she reacted to all your lovely surprises the next morning?
Javier Portocarrero

Byron Kennedy said...

Were you expecting to lose all the remainders of her teeth? I hope not. Being visited by the tooth fairy is great, but I’m sure our good fairy will be happier if the tooth she collects are white and healthy, and came out naturally. Cheers!

Byron Kennedy @ A+ Family Dentistry