Sunday, May 12, 2013


All our weekend plans – and my big toe – are crushed.  Sigh.

I’ll leave you hanging and start with the beginning of the week.  We started off the week with rain and a cancelled t-ball game.  Lindy also had PT on Monday and she did really well.  Jill said she is looking great in her low brace.  They practiced walking down the stairs – without hanging on to anything.  I guess she needs to know how, but man I was nervous.  After Will fell all the way down the steps I was so scared about her falling.  Jill was directly in front of her but it still made me nervous.  She actually did really awesome but I didn’t like watching it!

Monday night Lindy told us her mouth hurt.  She went to Drew and said, “AHHHH” and Drew looked in her mouth.  He said, “There’s a tooth back there!”  She came to me and I saw one of her bottom permanent teeth is already through the gum.  I was shocked to see it!  Then I wiggled her lower bottom teeth and they are both loose!!!  Then I started wiggling Will’s and one of his top teeth is a bit loose.  I was seriously in shock that evening.  I really don’t know how they are old enough to be losing teeth.  Lindy has spent a good bit of time wiggling this week but they haven’t come out yet.  One is looser than the other.  I think she may be a great orthodontic case in the future as I have no idea how her permanent teeth will all fit in her mouth.  The one coming in is the size of two of her baby teeth.  Will was excited to hear Lindy’s teeth were loose and told her, “The tooth fairy will come and leave a dime!”  That’s right, buddy, she’ll leave a dime!!

Tuesday Bob saved the day for us.  He came up and got the kids from school, took them to gymnastics, for frozen yogurt, played with them all afternoon, and then took the kids and me to dinner!  Drew was out of town all day and Bob filled in.  The kids had a blast with him and we really appreciated it. 

Thursday Drew took the kids to the park and Lindy fell off the swing and scraped her eyebrow up.  She also had a mark where her glasses must have pushed into her face.  Thank goodness her glasses didn’t break!  He said she didn’t cry long and went back to playing soon after.  That girl is tough.

Friday is where things got really interesting.  Remember these things?  IMG_0688We made 60 tent weights a year ago to hold down the pop-up tents we use at all the March for Babies walks. They are PVC pipes filled with concrete.  They each weigh about 40lbs.  Friday afternoon we were loading up the van for our last March for Babies of the spring and a bunch of them rolled off a dolly – onto my big toe.  I hobbled around at first like I had stubbed my toe and then I looked down.  My toe was pouring blood and my toe nail was almost off.  I hobbled to the grass and sat and my coworker wrapped up my foot to try and stop the bleeding.  I don’t know how I didn’t pass out.  I had every sensation leading up to it but I fought it.  Drew ran the kids to his brother’s house and came and got me and we headed to the ER.  We went to the one in the next town over and had no waiting time whatsoever.  They gave me a tetanus shot and morphine and took an x-ray.  Nothing was broken – amazingly!  Then the doctor was ready to get to work.  He gave me some numbing shots in my toe and wow oh wow did they hurt.  He eventually got it all numb and then he ended up taking my toenail off, giving me four stitches on the nailbed, and then suturing my toenail back on!  I didn’t watch.  He said it was the best chance of a new toenail growing in.  On the way out of the ER I started getting sick.  As in throwing up.  I ended up getting sick the rest of the night – until 11pm.  I’m guessing that the morphine didn’t settle well.  I always get sick off of anesthesia and apparently it’s the same with morphine.  Anytime I moved I threw up.  That got really old that evening.  I had a pretty bad evening of sleep and I laid around all day Saturday. 

Drew took the kids to Will’s tee ball game where Will had not one, not two, but three hits from the coach pitching it to him!!!!!!  Awesome!  I hate a missed them.  Will was pretty excited when he got home!  Drew had to run to the hospital to see a church member and Bob and Ed stopped by.  They waited until Drew got home and then ran him down to the office to get our other car.  I did nothing all day. 

Yesterday was our 11th Wedding Anniversary and we didn’t get to do anything.  Unless you count Drew waiting on me hand and foot.  He has been wonderful with this whole thing.  I know he is tired of taking care of everyone but he’s doing an awesome job.  He did run out and get us dinner from an Italian restaurant but I ate by myself on the couch while he ate with the kids at the table.  Romantic, huh?!

I took a pain pill last night and thankfully got a great night of sleep.  I also took a bath this morning – foot hanging out of the tub – but I feel like a new person.  I moved to the couch and caught up on my Glee on DVR while the kids and Drew went to church this morning.  A fun way to spend Mother’s Day, right?  The kids and Drew did get me some gifts.  They each made something for me at school.  Will’s teacher did a silhouette of him which is really neat.  Lindy made a plate for me with her handprint as a flower.  They were both proud of their gifts.  Drew and the kids also got me a gift card to go shopping.   The shopping gods are against me though (I had planned to go over Easter and everyone was puking and we had planned to go Friday night and instead we were at the ER) so I hope I eventually get to use it! 

So anyway – hopefully my toe will heal up okay and not cause any problems.  I haven’t put any pressure on it so I’m not sure when I’ll be up and walking on it.  We have to change the bandages tonight.  I’m a little afraid to see it! 

Hopefully your week has been better than mine! 

One boo boo from earlier in the week when she fell and hit the bat cave.  Worried Drew a bit because she was pointing to her shunt.  DSC_1507Her eyebrow and cheek from falling at the park.  Rough week for the girl!DSC_1508My two nerds.  They were looking at maps on the computer one night before bed.DSC_1513Will asked Drew to take some pictures for me since I couldn’t go!  There he is up to bat!DSC_1523His coach congratulating him on a hit.  He’s on 1st!DSC_1524Lindy was tip-toeing by me so she wouldn’t hit my foot.DSC_1532Lindy with her present to me!DSC_1534A lovely card with a cute picture of her inside.DSC_1536Her handprint flower!DSC_1538Will with his card for me.DSC_1541His cool silhouette!DSC_1543Me and my babes on Mother’s Day.DSC_1545My poor foot.  Poor, poor toes.  DSC_1546

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