Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1st Beach Trip of 2013

We were supposed to head to the beach on Friday but we had a death in our church and Drew had to do a funeral on Saturday morning.  As soon as he got home and got changed, we headed out.  We made awesome time – 4 hours.  Actually a little less.

The kids were so excited to get down there and see Mimo and her dogs.  We got down there in time for dinner and then we met a friend from Winston and her girls at an Italian Ice place for a treat.  Too bad it was really cool out and we were all freezing after eating our treats!

We woke up Sunday and it was cloudy all morning long.  We were lazy all morning and finally the sun came out and we headed to the beach.  It was a gorgeous day!  The kids had a blast.  Will wasn’t his usual beach bum self.  I’m not convinced he felt well.  I don’t know if it’s allergies or a cold but he had out of control snot and he developed a cough.  He also had a willing grandma that would let him play her phone!  Sunday night we ordered pizza and took it easy.   Sunday getting ready for bed I was brushing Lindy’s teeth and I knocked her other loose tooth practically out of her mouth.  It started bleeding like crazy and I reached in pulled it out.  She was excited to have another ‘window’  in her mouth. 

We  woke up Monday morning and when Lindy looked under her pillow there was no money!   But the Tooth Fairy had been there and had put $1 under her pillow.  Mimo searched and found the dollar under her bed.  So Lindy thought the Tooth Fairy must put the money under the bed at the beach house.  ha ha.  (Little Man is getting a bit jealous of Lindy losing two teeth and getting $2.  He doesn’t understand that in due time it will happen to him.)  The rest of the day was an exact replica of Sunday.   We had a lazy morning, an early lunch, and then an awesome afternoon on the beach.  We grilled steaks for dinner on Monday which were oh so yummy. 

Tuesday we hit the beach early in the morning and then came back around lunchtime.  Mimo packed up and headed out and then we headed to Southport to look around.  We went in a few shops and then ate at one of our most favorite places on earth – the Provision Company.  We got the kids ice cream for a snack and we headed back to the house.

This morning we got up, got everything cleaned up, and we left around 11am.  We stopped for an early lunch on the island and headed home.  It was kind of nice getting home early because everything got unpacked quickly and we had a normal dinner and evening.

It really was one of the best beach trips we have had.  Awesome weather and a relaxing time.  I read a book.  A whole book this weekend!  I also looked through about 6 magazines.  I did no work and that was awesome!  The only thing that stunk was keeping my toe clean and clear of sand.  I wrapped it up in a bunch of bandages and then wore a sock and water shoe and looked like a dork.  I didn’t want sand in my stiches.  I couldn’t get in the water or jump waves with the kids.  I played some with them on the beach in the dryer sand.  Thankfully the kids are so much more self sufficient at the beach that everyone was able to read and relax a bit while they played. 

Tomorrow is back to life – back to reality!

I don’t understand the mustache craze going on but we got in on it!DSC_1851The kids and their friend Paige.DSC_1853The Beach!  Jumping waves even in the cold water.DSC_1865DSC_1870DSC_1873DSC_1880DSC_1888DSC_1892Will was under the towel playing Mimo’s phone.  DSC_1896Lindy thought the tent was a great idea.DSC_1899Another tooth gone!DSC_1905Under her pillow in a tissue.DSC_1906Where’s the money??DSC_1907Mimo found it under the bed!DSC_1908So cute!DSC_1910DSC_1912Miss PrissDSC_1915DSC_1924DSC_1925DSC_1934DSC_1937DSC_1940The green potty is still a beach must.DSC_1950Sweet boy.DSC_1954Our beachy family!DSC_1958Mimo and her grandkids.DSC_1959DSC_1963At our favorite restaurant, The Provision Company.DSC_1965DSC_1967DSC_1970DSC_1971DSC_1973DSC_1974DSC_1983

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