Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Camping at Hanging Rock

We got home Wednesday from the beach and had two days to rest at home and then we were off on another adventure.  We went camping at Hanging Rock on Friday night with GrandBob and Uncle Ed.  We got up there around 5pm and it was a perfect evening.  The weather was gorgeous and we really liked our campsites.  We hiked just a short way to a little stream where the kids had fun feeling the cold water.  The men folk cooked us some hotdogs for dinner.  We started off on another hike to see the lake but we met Uncle Ed coming back and he said it was a good bit farther and not as easy.  With Lindy on my back we turned around!  We finished the night with s’mores and spooky stores – by Lindy, Will, and GrandBob – by the campfire.  The kids were so excited to sleep in our new tent.   I was excited to sleep in it too.  Too bad Drew and I didn’t sleep too well!

Lindy woke up bright and early Saturday morning at 6:18am and said, “It’s time to wake up!”  I told her it wasn’t and she laid quietly for awhile before Will sat up around 6:40am.  No sleeping while camping.  We had a yummy breakfast of pancakes and bacon, also done by the men folk.  We got everything packed up and we headed to do another short hike to the Hidden Falls and the Window Falls. 

After we were done hiking we showed Bob and Ed around Danbury a little.  That didn’t take long!  We took them to Moratock Park and then Priddy’s General Store.  We ate lunch in Danbury and headed home.  On the way we stopped at Mabe’s Berry Farm and picked up some freshly picked strawberries! 

We had a great time camping.  The kids absolutely love it.  I’ve had two good experiences and if they are always good then I’ll keep going! 

Sunday we had church and I dragged Lindy shopping with me.  She didn’t want to go but I made her come.  We got free treats from Starbucks (something they said had no coffee in it so she got one!) and she was happy.  I let her play my phone and she was all set.  We ended up at 3 stores and ended up having a nice girls’ afternoon!

With our cool new tent – it had a front porch!DSC_1986All set up for bed.  The kids got to use the sleeping bags they got for Xmas for the first time!DSC_1987Cook my dinner.  Stat.  Serve it on a platter please SmileDSC_1988Some cute kids hanging out in the woods!DSC_1990DSC_1991DSC_1993DSC_1994Cold Water!DSC_1997DSC_1998Brrr!DSC_2004DSC_2001DSC_2006DSC_2009What’s this?  A picture of me?  Proof I was there!DSC_2010This is your proof Uncle Ed was there.  Just his backside as he gave Lindy a piggy back rideDSC_2011and then a shoulder back ride – as she named it.DSC_2012Cooking s’mores on the camp fire!DSC_2013DSC_2014Bed head on Saturday morning!  Glad these two slept good.  No one else did~DSC_2020There was a lot of hide-n-seek going on in the woods.DSC_2021With their camping buddy!DSC_2024Packing up!DSC_2025DSC_2028Hiking to Hidden Falls.DSC_2037DSC_2038DSC_2040DSC_2041Chilling by the Dan River in Danbury.DSC_2042Strumming away at Priddy’s General Store.DSC_2045Priddy’s General Store.DSC_2046All cleaned up and ready for church Sunday Morning!DSC_2048DSC_2056

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