Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ear Problems

I’m trying to get back on track with my Sunday evening posts.  I’ve been off a few weeks and my mass of one follower hasn’t been happy. ha ha!

Lindy started the week off with a couple appointments.  Ever since we went to the beach, her left hearing aid has been whistling.  And driving us nuts.  I assumed she must been needing new ear molds.  She was scheduled for PT at 4pm on Monday and I was able to get her a 3:45pm appointment with the audiologist right next door.  Drew took her to that and he said the audiologist looked and immediately said her ears were full of wax.  She had a feeling that the sound was just bouncing off the ear wax and making the whistling sound.  She said we needed to go to the ENT to get the wax out and if it was still whistling then she would do new ear molds.  There was no way she was doing ear mold impressions because she said she would end up pushing the wax farther down in there.  We headed to PT with Jill and Lindy was not very good.  She is struggling lately being a good listener.  I was getting irritated with her at PT.  I’m not paying $60 an hour for her to mess around. 

Tuesday I tried scheduling her an appointment with the ENT but he is the busiest person in town.  She wasn’t going to get in for awhile so I made her an appointment at the pediatrician’s office to let them get it out.  Drew said it was awful.  They tried blowing it out with water and he said she hated that.  The PA was able to dig to get all of it out of her right ear and some out of the left ear.  They couldn’t get it all and said we still need to go to ENT.  They did get enough out of her ear though that her hearing aid is not whistling anymore.  We have an appointment with ENT in a couple weeks so he can get the rest.  At least she is back to wearing her hearing aid.  Although I can’t say her listening has gotten any better!

Tuesday evening we went to a parent orientation for a summer camp that Lindy is going to go to for two weeks in July.  It’s a camp for visually impaired kids.  This will be the first year she has gone because you have to be a rising kindergartner.  The kids went and got to play on the playground and do a craft while we heard about the camp.  The camp focuses on independent living skills, which should be interesting!  The fun thing is that her old Governor Morehead teacher, Ms. Pam, is going to be her teacher this summer.  That will be neat to have them reunited! 

Wednesday afternoon Lindy had her last hearing session with her teacher, Mrs. Asbury.  I’m so glad we continued to see her this year.  Lindy has continued making progress over the year, even despite dropping all of the school system therapies.  We love her teacher and we are keeping our fingers crossed that Lindy might continue to see her next year in the afternoons.  She will see a hearing therapist, we are just hoping it’s Mrs. Asbury!

Thursday afternoon Lindy was able to go to the elementary school they will be going to and visit with her new vision teacher and two kids.  There was a kindergarten girl and a first grade boy.  They met us in the office and walked us out to the vision teacher’s room.  They got to play together and by the end they were all best friends.  The two girls were inviting each other over for sleep overs and to their birthday parties!  We also got to meet Lindy’s kindergarten teacher and her assistant.  Both seemed really nice.  We met the PE teacher and the assistant principal.  Everyone was excited to meet Lindy.  I know we made the right decision in checking out this school and getting her sent there!  I’m so excited for her!  I know Will will love it, too!

This was the first full week of summer vacation and the kids had nothing to do and no where to go.  Which would be fine if I didn’t work – but now I’m a working stiff.  We ended up hiring a babysitter to come every day and watch the kids.  She is a young girl who went to our old church.  The kids had a lot of fun with her.  I pulled out some stuff they haven’t done in awhile, like play doh and the easel, which was a treat for them.

We had a pretty quiet weekend.  Friday night we went out for dinner and got our free Krispy Kreme doughnut on National Donut day.  Saturday we did house and yard work all day long.  It wasn’t necessarily fun but it was so nice to have time at home to do stuff. We’ve been so busy since the beginning of April.  Half of my house is clean.  I’ll hopefully get the other half this week!

This was a Lindy heavy post.  Will is still around!  Just not much going on with him.   He just finished his antibiotic for his ear infection he had last week.  Ears have been causing us problems lately!

I didn’t take many pictures this week but here is what I got. 

Lindy and Mrs. AsburyDSC_2057DSC_2058We got a very late start this year but we planted a small garden this week.  We got a raised garden bed last weekend and Lindy and I got it put together and veggies planted this week.  Of course she thought it was just a big dirt box for awhile.DSC_2059DSC_2060DSC_2062DSC_2063He didn’t want to help but he wanted his picture by it.DSC_2066This is one pretty good worker.  Most of the time.  DSC_2068Looking cute on the day she was visiting her new school!DSC_2070Heading to church this morning.DSC_2077She looked SO cute!DSC_2073And he looked so handsome!DSC_2079


Mahaishis Kusuma said...

nice... :)))

Joey said...

You have more than one follower! :-) I love keeping up with you guys on the blog, I just need to be better at posting comments. Miss you guys, glad to hear all is well! xo

Lif3AsuKnow32 said...

Their so cute, I'm planting things to, so far i have some basil, mango, tomatoes and a few others. What are you'll planting.