Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation Bible School

Whew!  What a week!  Fun but so busy, long, and very tiring!

Vacation bible school started last Sunday night.  It was another amazing year of bible school.  LeeAnn and Anna do a fantastic job planning and executing everything.  This year’s theme was SKY.  I was a leader in the preschool group and Drew did the Bible story for snacks.  I did miss two nights and Drew did fill in for me in the preschool group those two nights.  The kids had a blast but it’s a long week for them (and us!).  We didn’t get home until 9:30pm and in bed until 10pm most nights.  I let them sleep in as much as possible and they did take a few naps this week. 

Besides VBS, we had a full week of other things going on.  Monday afternoon Lindy had physical therapy with Jill.  She thought Lindy was doing well.  She showed Jill some good stuff, such as jumping multiple times in a row, standing on one leg a few seconds.  We took the top strap off her tall brace last month and Jill thought she looked great with it still off.  Monday night I had a family advisory council meeting at the hospital. 

Tuesday I went with the United Methodist Women to the Ronald McDonald House for a tour.  After the tour we ate lunch.  The RMH house has added two more houses since we stayed there but it was still neat to go back and take a tour and see the room we stayed in for three weeks after the kids were born. 

Wednesday morning we got up and headed out to the country to meet Janice and pick blueberries.  We picked blueberries at her mother-in-law Lojean’s house.  Unfortunately Lojean passed away 3 months ago and it was so sad to go there and not see her.  It was strange going in the house and there being no Lojean.  She is definitely missed.  The kids were most unhelpful this year.  They did very little picking and a whole lot of complaining!  They ended up mostly playing on the porch while Janice and I picked berries.  Will finally started doing a little better picking them once he realized he could eat them.  But then most of them went in his mouth and very little went into the bucket!  We came home with so many yummy berries!  Thanks Janice for picking with us.

Thursday morning Lindy had an ENT appointment.  Since we found out she had fluid in January she has been on allergy medicine.  He checked her ears and thankfully there is no fluid.  We talked a good bit about her vocal cords and discussed the surgery he has been doing to strengthen vocal cords.  We have many questions about the surgery but we are going to take the first step towards it.  In September she will have a voice quality assessment done with a speech therapist.   We also talked about keeping her on allergy medicine all year.  He said he didn’t want her on it all year but it seems like every time I take her off she gets fluid.  He said you usually have a break in the summer but she had fluid in the summer two years ago.  She had fluid in January, when it’s supposed to be cold.  I’m just not sure I’m comfortable taking her off.  NC has had  crazy weather the past year.  We didn’t have a cold winter at all.  He mentioned getting allergy testing done on her to actually determine what she is allergic to but I don’t really want to put her through all the pricks.  I plan to talk to the pediatrician more about it next week.

Thursday afternoon I headed down to Lynn’s beach house for a girls weekend with my 5 best friends from high school.  Var and Katie came from Virginia, Jamie and Carrie came from Cary, and Wendy and I rode together from Winston.  Wendy and I got down there early and made sure the house was ready and we headed to get groceries.  Everyone else arrived throughout the evening.  Friday morning we headed to the beach in the morning and came in for lunch.  We headed back out for the afternoon.  We ate delicious steaks Friday night at the house.  Saturday morning we never could get  motivated to get up and get going.  We ended up getting ready and just heading out to do some shopping.  We ate dinner in Southport at our favorite spot, the Provision Company.  Every night  we stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning.  What were we thinking?  We are way too old to stay up that late three nights in a row!  We all came home tired, not refreshed!  Oh well.  It was so fun to catch up.  I love these girls and wish I could see them more often.

While I was gone the kids got to do something they have never done before.  Drew headed down to Charlotte Friday morning and met his parents for brunch.  After they were done eating, Will headed off with GrandBob and Lindy headed off with Lynn.   Normally the grandparents come to our house to watch them.  They did go stay with Lynn when we moved in here two years ago but this is only the second time they’ve stayed without us in Charlotte.  And it was a first to split them up.  They could not have cared less that they were separated though.  They both had a blast with their respective grandparent.  Lindy has told me a thousand times about the trip to the grocery store and the cupcakes she made with Mimo.   From the pictures Lynn sent me she also went out to the barn to see Lynn’s horse, Elmo.  Will has told a million times that he went to the mall (Dave and Busters) and played skee ball.  He also mentioned going to the bookstore, playing tennis, and staying up very late to watch cartoons.  When I asked how late he said, “Late.”  You got busted GrandBob!!  Drew headed down Saturday afternoon to pick them up and they all had dinner at GrandBob and Suzette’s house and then they headed home. 

Sunday they had VBS Sunday at church.  They had a blast singing all the songs and from what I hear they had a neat graduation from vacation bible school.  I got home around 6:30pm last night.  Lindy answered the door and said, “I didn’t know you were back.”  I feel they were excited to see me and tell me about their weekends. 

That makes me tired thinking about everything we did last week.  I’m also tired thinking about what is going on this week.  We have a big party this weekend for some very special kids!!

VBS 2012 – Everything is Possible With God!DSC_5024DSC_5026DSC_5034DSC_5039DSC_5041They decorated the hallway to be like a runway!DSC_5049DSC_5050Will’s favorite part of the week was learning the new songs.  DSC_5052Lindy’s favorite was most likely the snacks!DSC_5056DSC_5061Our group at the Ronald McDonald House.DSCN3740The room Drew and I stayed in at the house.IMG_1113Picking blueberries with Janice.DSC_5076DSC_5080DSC_5082My best Asheboro High School Girls!  Me, Carrie, and Jamie495Var, Katie, and Wendy497Class of ‘95 Rocks!502Pictures of the kids from their weekend.  Will playing tennis for the first time.DSCN1047Meanest tennis player I’ve ever seen!DSCN1051DSCN1048Making yummy cupcakes!IMG_1141At the barn with Lynn and Anna.IMG_1142IMG_1143

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