Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 4th in Oak Island

July 4th in the middle of the week works well from a pastor’s point of view.  We got a pretty long vacation and Drew only had to take one day off.  We headed down to the beach Tuesday evening and we got back Saturday night.  Wednesday was a holiday, Drew took a vacation day on Thursday and then he has Friday and Saturday off. 

We spent all Monday running errands.  We went out before lunch, came home for lunch, and went back out after lunch.  I even went back out after dinner.  Tuesday I spent all day getting everything packed up.  We met up with Lynn, Anna and Brian who were already at the beach house. 

We woke up on the 4th of July and we headed to our favorite breakfast joint.  After breakfast we headed to Southport to the Official NC 4th of July Celebration Parade.  After a lot of traffic we finally made it and we were soon met with “When will this be over” by the kids!  They were more interested when the parade finally got to us but they were hot and tired and only lasted about 45 minutes.  Drew and Brian headed back to the house with the kids and Anna, Lynn and I checked the little outdoor craft show they had going on.   We got back to the house and headed down to the beach around 3:30pm.  We stayed for a couple hours and came back for an all-American hotdog and hamburger supper.  Instead of heading back to Southport for fireworks, we rode down to the end of the island where we could see the Southport fireworks.  Will was not very into the fireworks because he was really tired.   On the other hand, I’m positive Lindy saw the fireworks.  Fireworks that were actually pretty far away.  I kept asking her what color the firework was.  Or I had her tell me when it was gone or we would count them.  She definitely saw them!   The kids weren’t nearly as impressed with the 4th of July activities as I hoped.  I thought they would love the parade and fireworks.  We are still new to this whole no nap thing so I think they were pretty exhausted from the beach and staying up later than normal.  Maybe it’ll be more interesting to them next year!

Thursday and Friday were both beach days.  Thursday evening we headed out for dinner and ice cream.  Friday morning Drew, Lynn, and I took the kids to play a very hot round of putt-putt.  Putt-putt is definitely a new love of Will’s.  Friday evening we had an annual beach tradition – a low country boil.   Friday night Anna and I headed to the movies for a little girls night out.

Much fun was had this week at the beach.  The kids enjoyed playing with Lynn and Anna’s dogs.  Will got many games of UNO in and Lindy got to say ‘Mimo’ approximately 1.4 million times.   We played with sparklers Friday evening but that didn’t end too well.  Lindy ended up touching her sparkler – even after it was done sparkling – and burned her finger.  I know it hurt. 

We left Saturday around lunchtime and headed home.   We stopped in Asheboro at Sir Pizza for some delicious pizza.  I mentioned that we should have left later so we could have timed it better to eat Sir Pizza for dinner.  Once I mentioned Sir Pizza Drew said he was going – even if it was 3:30pm!  We had a very early dinner and then stopped by to see my best friend Carrie who was at her parents’ house.  We stopped in to say hi and then headed home to get everything unpacked and the kids bathed and in bed early.  We were all tired from all the fun at the beach. 

Enjoy our beach pictures!

The kids got a haircut on Monday.  It’s hard to tell but Lindy got 2.5 inches cut off her hair.  It is so thin that it does look better when it’s a little shorter.DSC_4469Getting ready for the 4th of July with patriotic wear.DSC_44764th of July kids on the porch swing.DSC_4484Waiting on the parade to start.DSC_4501DSC_4503High fiving our service men.  DSC_4505DSC_4506Waving to the floats.DSC_4513Best views of the day!DSC_4528DSC_4529Attempt at a family portrait.  Pretty lame!DSC_4537Beach babe!DSC_4560DSC_4581DSC_4594Waiting for the fireworks to start.DSC_4596Mimo brought out one of Drew’s old toys and Will played with it the entire four days.  He built tracks and sent marbles down them.  DSC_4605Snack time!DSC_4607DSC_4615DSC_4618DSC_4627Thanks, Mimo, for getting photographic evidence that I was on this little vacation too!DSC_4641DSC_4642Lindy pretending to sleep.DSC_4646Drew and Will started racing marbles as well.DSC_4650Putt Putt at Jungle Golf.DSC_4656DSC_4666DSC_4669DSC_4673Jumping waves.  That is some serious jumping they were doing.  DSC_4680DSC_4682DSC_4685DSC_4692DSC_4695DSC_4700DSC_4702DSC_4719DSC_4730Each day we dug a hole and Will would play in them for hours.  He had his trucks and would just entertain himself.  He looked so little sitting in this hole by himself!DSC_4744DSC_4749Lindy relaxing in our ‘pool’.DSC_4774DSC_4784DSC_4789Sparklers fun!DSC_4791DSC_4812DSC_4814DSC_4817Poor girl hurt her finger.  Conveniently it was her middle finger so she was flipping us off all night long!  ha!DSC_4819Back home and before church this morning. DSC_4826DSC_4830DSC_4834

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