Sunday, July 15, 2012

Busy Summer Days

I feel like we were very busy last week and this week looks to be the same.  At least most of what we’ve been doing to keep busy is fun stuff!

We started out last Monday morning at swim lessons with LeeAnn.  The kids did really good with her this day.  I thought it was a great lesson.  They are both getting close to going under when they jump off (instead of us having to catch them to keep them above water).   After our lesson was over LeeAnn’s kids, Nicholas and Olivia, came to swim with Lindy and Will for awhile.  They all had fun swimming together.   We ran errands Monday afternoon.

Wednesday we did swim lessons again with LeeAnn.  We squeezed them in between rain showers and we had another good lesson.  Again, after our lesson Nicholas and Olivia, and their cousin DJ, all came to swim.  We ended up having a picnic lunch with them and then we headed home. 

Thursday morning was a fun morning.  We met Katie and Claire at the Krispy Kreme store up by our house because the KK Cruiser was there for a couple hours.  KK is celebrating it’s 75th birthday and they are driving this old cruiser all over the country.  They were in town this weekend because Winston-Salem is the birthplace of KK!  We met and got to see inside the cruiser and the kids all got free doughnuts.  After our special treat there we headed to Sci-Works, a local science museum.  Katie had passes and we all got in free!   The kids had a blast running through and playing and touching everything.  They have a new outdoor part, which we weren’t too terribly impressed with.  We had another picnic lunch there at the museum and then we played some more.  Will loved this little skee-ball game they had and Lindy loved pretending she was a dentist and working on the teeth.   We have a Berenstein Bear book about going to the dentist and she loves that and she loved pretending to be a dentist, but man that kid hates going to the dentist.  Interesting, huh?  

Saturday I spent the day near Raleigh helping celebrate my friend and old college roommate’s upcoming baby!  Four of us college friends gave her a baby shower.  I drove up in the morning and helped get ready and the shower was from 2-4pm.  I finally left around 7:30pm and drove home.   Drew and the kids stayed at home and they had a visit from Uncle Ed, Aunt Jamie, and Molly.  I hear they had a lot of fun.

We had church this morning and we have spent the afternoon resting to get ready for vacation bible school which starts tonight.  The kids are so excited! 

Lindy getting comfy on one of our many errands this week.  IMG_1090We made little personal pizzas one night for dinner.  I let the kids make their own and they loved it.  DSC_4847DSC_4850DSC_4859DSC_4862Yummy!!DSC_4863DSC_4864Visiting the Krispy Kreme CruiserDSC_4866Three young KK fans spinning the prize wheel.DSC_4870The guy driving the cruiser put Lindy up in the driver’s seat.    Check out her tongue sticking out.  Scary!IMG_1096Sci Works!DSC_4879DSC_4884DSC_4891DSC_4893DSC_4895The skee-ball Will loved so much.DSC_4900DSC_4905The special exhibit was these Keva planks.  They had all kinds of cool things built like this castle.  I thought Will would love this section because they had lots for the kids to play with but he was more interested in skee-ball.  He built a little while but not as long as I thought he might. DSC_4908The new outdoor part had a cool teeter totter.DSC_4919DSC_4921DSC_4925DSC_4928The teeth Lindy worked diligently on.  They should have been well cleaned by the time she was done!DSC_4937Every dentist needs an assistant!DSC_4945They had these on display and it said they were 25 week old twins.  Was this the size of my babies?  These seem so little.  L, W, & A were little but I think I’ve blocked out how incredibly small they were.  And just think, I had another one in there.DSC_4948Joanna at her baby shower!DSC_4954The diaper cake I made her.DSC_4955College roomies. We went pot luck our freshman year and we ended up together.  Still good friends 17 years later!DSC_4991The hosts of the shower.  Me, Nicole, Joanna, Julie, and HeatherDSC_4993The kids before church this morning.DSC_5017Sweet girl in a cute dress.DSC_5023

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