Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday

How in the world did my babies get to be 5 years old???   I swear they were just born yesterday.  It’s just scary how fast it’s gone by.

The kids woke up and enjoyed a candle in their chocolate donuts.  We headed out midmorning for a fun day of birthday celebrations.  We stopped in Salisbury for lunch at Hap’s Grill.  After lunch we continued on and arrived at the Lazy 5 Ranch.

The Lazy 5 Ranch is a cool place where you ride on a wagon and you feed all kinds of animals.  Everything from ostriches to buffalo to all  different kinds of deer.  The coolest is feeding the giraffes.  You get to be so close to them and they eat out of your bucket. 

I hope the kids enjoyed their day.  It was pretty warm out but they acted like it was scorching hot out there.  They kind of wilted in the heat and they didn’t seem very excited on the wagon ride.  After the ride we headed to the playground and got some ice cream and they perked up quite a bit. 

We did have a run in with one pesky ostrich.  Lindy was sitting with Drew and was just holding a handful of food and the ostrich went after the food.  It did scratch her hand but it mostly scared her.  She got over it quickly but I’m glad we didn’t lose any fingers on her birthday! 

We ended the evening with Mexican food and a birthday cupcake.  They got to talk to most of their family today. 

We had a fun day celebrating them.  It’s amazing how much you can love two little people.  We did miss Adam today.  It would just make this day so much better to have him with us. 

Happy Birthday Lindy, Will, and Adam!

Here is their day in pictures: DSC_5677Opening presents from mom and dad.DSC_5679DSC_5684DSC_5686DSC_5696DSC_5698DSC_5700DSC_5704DSC_5710Lunch in the car from Hap’s GrillDSC_5711DSC_5716DSC_5725DSC_5731DSC_5733DSC_5738Papa’s close encounter with the ostrich.DSC_5742DSC_5746DSC_5753Lindy was intent on holding the buckets of feed.DSC_5761DSC_5765The mean, pesky ostrich that came after my daughter!DSC_5783DSC_5791DSC_5800DSC_5810The baby ostriches were so cute!  DSC_5814Feeding the buffalo and their yucky tongues!DSC_5823DSC_5827DSC_5833DSC_5838DSC_5842DSC_5845DSC_5851DSC_5856DSC_5857DSC_5858DSC_5860

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