Sunday, July 29, 2012


The weeks are just so busy!  It makes them go by so fast.

We started the week with swimming lessons on Monday.  We brought a lunch and ate at the picnic table and then the kids swam a little longer with LeeAnn’s kids. 

Tuesday morning the kids got their pictures taken for their upcoming birthday.  The pictures went well and we were done in an hour.  We stopped for lunch on the way home since they did pretty well.  I’ve seen the pictures and they turned out great.  I get a disk in a couple weeks and I’ll share some then.

Wednesday we had a fun day visiting All-A-Flutter butterfly farm.  We met Katie and the kids and we loaded up in our car and headed to High Point.  We watched a small presentation on butterflies, in which I learned a lot about Monarch butterflies, and then we were the second group to get to go in and see the butterflies.  They gave everyone little sugar pads and butterflies would either fly and land on them or they showed you how to scoop them off a plant.  Lindy only touched a couple, which is good for her!  We brought a picnic and had lunch before we left.  Since we were so close we headed to Greensboro to a couple stores Katie and I have been wanting to go to.  We hit Garden Ridge and then Hobby Lobby.  The kids didn’t much enjoy it but oh well!

Wednesday evening about dinner time, my parents rolled in.  We headed out to eat after they got their cars unpacked.

The next two days consisted of a lot of errands and shopping getting ready for a birthday party.  My parents probably regret coming, I put them to work helping me get ready!  Mom and I’ve gotten some good walks in and we’ve been out to eat.  I always enjoy having them around.  They are two of the handiest and most creative people I know.

I’ll leave the birthday party for another post.  Pictures from this week:

DSC_5087DSC_5094Katie showed Claire and Lindy a monarch caterpillar on some milkweed. DSC_5097DSC_5101DSC_5102DSC_5104DSC_5106DSC_5109DSC_5114DSC_5118DSC_5119Check out Will’s eyebrows!  This picture of Will cracks me up!DSC_5122DSC_5135The butterflies were inside the white door.DSC_5141Papa made the kids new Adirondack chairs.  He made them some about 3 years ago and now he made them bigger ones – with a foot rest!  Lindy crawled right in and took a load off her feet!DSC_5145DSC_5149Chillaxin!DSC_5150

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