Sunday, July 1, 2012

Draw 4

Holy heat wave.  The heat wave that hit the country finally hit us on Friday.  We’ve been inside playing a lot of UNO!

Before it got too hot we did have lots of fun outside too.  Our church members with the pool were still on vacation this week so we used it a few more days.  I took the kids Monday and we had a great time and stayed for a long time.  We took a picnic lunch and ate and then swam for almost 3 hours.  We were all exhausted when we got home!

Tuesday morning we met my friend Wendy and her daughter Berkley at the park.  Her oldest daughter, Riley, was going to a horseback riding camp semi-near us so we met them at the park to play while Riley was at camp.  I enjoyed this park because I felt Lindy was pretty safe.  There were only a couple drop-offs, instead of 10 of them which most playgrounds have.  We had a picnic lunch and then we went swimming with them in the afternoon.  Riley and Berkley are great swimmers so I tried to play that up to the kids.  The biggest news of that day was that the kids let me dunk them, three times each.  I tried to teach them to hold their nose and close their mouth and there would be no way for water to get in.  They did it on the first dunk but seemed to forget that on the other two dunks. 

Thursday we played with Berkley and Wendy again.  Wendy dropped Berks off and went to run an errand and then came back when she was done.  The kids have had fun playing with her this week. She is about 8 months older than the kids.  That afternoon we went swimming again but this time Daddy joined us.  We all had fun.  The kids loved having Daddy there and I enjoyed there being another adult to watch the kids!  We played for several hours.  Lindy let me dunk her but Will wouldn’t let me.  We did send Lindy down the slide but Drew was at the bottom to catch her.  She was loving it.  I wish I could have gotten pictures of that but I was at the top of the slide with her.  

Friday was when the heat wave starting rolling in. The kids and I ran a couple errands in the morning and then we went out quickly in the afternoon to mail something so we stopped by Sonic for some happy hour slushes.  Then we all got ready for the 1st Annual Sock Hop our church held for adults in our community with developmental disabilities.   I made Lindy a poodle skirt so she would be dressed for the occasion and Will wore his jeans and white shirt.  I had a poodle skirt from a few Halloweens ago and Drew wore jeans and a white shirt too.  It was so much fun.  Everyone there had a blast.  I think all of our guests had fun but I think everyone from our church had fun too!  We danced the night away and were worn out when we got home! 

The kids and I slept in until 8:30am Sat. morning which is late for us!  We were all pooped from the night before.  We messed around all day, inside since it was so stinking hot, and then GrandBob came over to visit.  Suzette was doing something in town with her granddaughter so he came to see us.  We had yummy pizza for dinner and then played 5 games of UNO.  All was going well until old Grandbob crushed Lindy.  Imagine that a blue card is on the discard pile and Lindy has one blue card left in her hand.  Grandbob, who was to her right did not have a blue card in his hand and had to therefore draw one from the pile.  Lucky GrandBob draws a Draw 4 card and has to play it on poor little Lindy so she can no longer win.  It was so sad.  Lindy couldn’t reach the pile so I drew four cards for her and handed them to her and she kept pushing them away from me saying no.  She didn’t understand how mean old Grandbob could do that to her.  She never did end up winning.  Not once in five hands.  Poor girl! 

Today we had Kris, Katie, Micah, and Claire over.  Kris and Drew watched the final Euro soccer game and the kids played.  Katie and I played on pinterest!  ha!   They brought dinner and dessert so that worked out well!

Stay cool and have a safe and fun 4th of July!

Getting ready to be dunked!DSC_4170DSC_4173DSC_4175Not real happy with mommy!DSC_4177Lindy’s turn.  It’s practically impossible to get her to stop smiling and close her mouth!DSC_4179DSC_4184DSC_4185DSC_4186Berkley, Riley, Will and LindyDSC_4191The diva laying out!DSC_4201Her modeling pose!DSC_4203DSC_4211DSC_4215DSC_4216DSC_4218DSC_4219DSC_4220Let's go to the hop!DSC_4421DSC_4225DSC_4235DSC_4240The kids danced with anyone and everyone!DSC_4256DSC_4282DSC_4314Drew and Martha did the funniest little skit!  Martha’s little bug ended up passing Drew’s fancy Cadillac! DSC_4345IMG_6652IMG_6658Poor Bubs got blisters from his Crocs and had to sit out a spell.  FYI, Crocs are not good dancing shoes!DSC_4360Lindy and Jennifer!DSC_4361Lindy went all ninja at the sock hop.DSC_4369And then pretended she was going to hold the joint up!DSC_4376The Blues Brothers were even there!DSC_4391AND ELVIS!!!!!!IMG_6623Saturday night UNO games with mean old Grandbob SmileDSC_4427This boy is obsessed.  He narrates every hand and tells every person what to play.  He could be the most obnoxious UNO player ever.DSC_4430DSC_4432She forgave her Grandbob!DSC_4436Wearing some patriotic colors to church today.DSC_4445DSC_4460DSC_4464Crazy goob traded her real glasses for these 3D glasses this evening.  I’m sure everything was real clear for her!DSC_4468

Happy 4th of July!!

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Lynn (aka Mimo) said...

Faith UMC throws the best sock hop EVER! I love the decorations. And the pictures of the kids are pretty darn cute, too.