Sunday, February 5, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football?

The Super Bowl is on!   I want the Patriots to win.  I’m a former New Englander and I don’t like Eli Manning.  Go Pats! Although it’s not looking so good.  We made pizza bites and buffalo chicken bites and they were scrumptious!  We stayed home to watch the game because we’re tired and lazy. 

Hope you have had a good week.  Ours was fine, seemed busy and it went fast.  Of course they all go by fast.

Tuesday we had gymnastics and Lindy did okay.  She stayed in there the whole time which is a miracle.  She normally has to go potty and she likes to come out and visit me.  The theme for the week was football so they had pom poms and did stuff with a football.  It was cute.

Wednesday was a particularly busy day.  It was pj day at the kids’ school.  It was also 70F outside.  I couldn’t very well send them in the fleece pjs they actually wear to bed.  But Lindy has no lighter weight pjs that fit her right now.  The one maybe acceptable pair wouldn’t fit over her brace.  PJ day ended up stressing me out!  We kind of made do with some fleece pants and a shirt that kind of matched.  Will was at least easy to dress!  After school they had music class.  Drew picked them up because I went with my sister-in-law Jamie to a wedding guild luncheon.  Jamie has her own wedding and event planning business, Southern Celebrations, and I’ve helped her with one wedding and hope to start helping her with more weddings.  I went with her to get a feel for the wedding business.  It was interesting to meet a lot of people in the biz!

Thursday night the kids had choir practice at church.  Drew took the kids so I had some free time at home by myself!  I exercised in my free time.  I can’t wait to see them perform their songs in church in a couple weeks!

Friday was pirate or princess day in Will’s class.  I wish it had been pirate or princess day in Lindy’s class since she was a pirate for Halloween.  We had no pirate clothes for Will.  Will and I spent time shopping at Goodwill on Thursday putting together a pirate outfit.  It actually came together pretty cute.  I was a little irritated that I had to spend money on the whole thing but I wanted him to have an outfit.  He did not love the bandana but he at least wore it to school and I’m sure took it off right after he got in his room!

We had a very fun weekend and it’s not even over.  Friday night was the spring consignment sale for my mothers of multiples club.  It was way earlier then normal this year so I’ve been working on tagging clothes and toys for a couple weeks now.  I had to take all my stuff Friday night and then I got to shop Friday night.  Then a group of us went out afterwards for some food and a drink.  I don’t know anyone all that well but it was fun to meet new people and get to know others better.

Saturday Drew taught classes at our district confirmation retreat all morning and afternoon so the kids and I hung around here.  We did have to go pick up my leftover stuff from the consignment sale after lunch.  I brought back about half my clothes but I didn’t bring home any toys.  I love getting my checks in the mail from the sales!  Last night we had our friends Duncan and Meredith over for dinner.  Actually they made dinner and basically brought it to us.  They know it’s easier to eat here with the kids since all their stuff is here.  We put the kids to bed and fired up the Wii!  We had a little dance competition and a Family Feud competition.  A fun time was had by all.

Will said something pretty funny yesterday.  Drew told him to do something and he talked back to him so Drew fussed at him.  Then Will came upstairs and said to me, “Mom, I’m getting so tired of Dad’s attitude.  It makes me tired, tired, tired!”  Will didn’t know Drew was outside in the hallway so he heard it too.  We died laughing! 

Have a great week! Lindy gets her cast off tomorrow!  I’m looking forward to giving her a real bath tomorrow night! 

The cast didn’t slow her down one bit!  Not even in gymnastics.  DSC_0162We had some crazy warm days this week so I took the kids out to ride their bikes.  By myself.  It was interesting.  Lindy fell off and hit her head – thank goodness for the helmet!DSC_0167Will is doing great on his bike.  Lindy is getting much better too!DSC_0169DSC_0171DSC_0174DSC_0175Pj and favorite stuffed animal day.  Will took SpotDSC_0185and Lindy took Mr. Quackers.DSC_0188DSC_0190Will has started building bridges and ramps.  DSC_0193Lindy has packed this bookbag and carried it all week. This day it was so heavy she kept falling over.  I finally had to take stuff out!DSC_0195Look at Miss Priss’ attitude!DSC_0197He was hiding!DSC_0200Pirate day!DSC_0204DSC_0206Lindy chilling one afternoon.DSC_0209More crazy Will buildings!DSC_0210The 100 piece set they got for Christmas lets him build even bigger buildings!DSC_0211Spending more time outside blowing bubbles.DSC_0212DSC_0213DSC_0218Will’s bike has a slight issue.  One pedal keeps coming off.DSC_0221Trying to fix it.DSC_0222Dance party with Duncan and Meredith.DSC_0225Couple of thug dancers.  ha!DSC_0228DSC_0230DSC_0234Church outfits today.  Finding leggings to fit over the cast was fun!DSC_0242DSC_0244DSC_0249Ready for some football!  DSC_0253DSC_0258We have this Bad Frogs book and Lindy likes to act like one of the Bad Frogs.  DSC_0266DSC_0267Eating dinner in the living room while watching football.DSC_0276Our Super Bowl snacks!  Yum!DSC_0277

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The Buckley Family said...

That's awesome that she rode her bike and everything with the cast on!! Mady and John also love carrying out their backpacks, they stuff it with everything possible and pretend they're going to work, it's too funny! The pirate outfit turned out really cute!