Sunday, February 12, 2012

If It’s This Cold It Should Snow

Brrrr, it’s been so cold this weekend.  I actually saw 4 snowflakes yesterday.  That’s right folks, 4 snowflakes.  We’ve had such a mild winter that we all got excited by those 4 snowflakes!

Lou got her cast off on Monday afternoon.  She told me to never take it off her, but sorry, girl, it had to go.  She got a good tub bath Monday night and it was so easy!  After we took her cast off she was walking pretty good on her left foot.  She was getting her heel down which was great.  When she started running she went back up on her toes.  But her PT said it was probably because she was weak from being in the cast for two weeks.  We’ve been doing stretches all week and I do think I see a difference.  She is able to get her toes up when we duck walk and has been doing great at some other stretches.  Hopefully she’ll continue to stay stretched out and off those toes.

Tuesday we picked Lindy up from school and headed straight to the dentist.  If you remember correctly, it’s never gone well for Lindy and always ends in puke.  We’d been talking about it for a couple days so she knew where she was going.  Will went first and as usual did a great job.  We let Lindy watch for a minute and she was fine, until they called her name.  We decided a private room would be the best bet so we headed there.  I felt a bit bad about leaving Will all alone.  He didn’t care a bit and they brought him to us when he was done.  It took some convincing to get Lindy in the chair and to lay back and to let the hygienist look in her mouth, but she eventually let them do everything.  She gagged and tried throwing up but since she had no food in her belly she didn’t throw up.  She did finally let them clean her teeth and then the dentist came in and she let her put fluoride on her teeth.  We got out of the dentist with no vomit!  A pure miracle.  We headed to Chick-fil-A for lunch and to let them play and headed home.  We had to skip gymnastics because of the appointments.

Wednesday I had a MOD meeting and the kids had school and music class.  Drew picked them up from music and brought them home for me.

Thursday morning Will and I went to church for a United Methodist Women’s meeting.  The leader of the meeting, Bec, brought her husband to play with Will.  She also brought Lincoln Logs so Will and Wayne built houses while we had our meeting.  Will enjoyed playing with Wayne!  We left the church and picked Lindy up and did a parent session with her teacher.  She did pretty good reading a story and answering questions afterwards. 

We have done nothing this weekend.  Friday evening I did get Drew to go out for a little while.  We got (free) milkshakes from Chick-fil-A and went to the mall so Drew could spend a gift card at the Deacon Store.  We also went to Barnes and Noble for a little bit and then headed home.  Saturday the kids and I headed to Sam’s Club and then stayed inside watching movies all day and night.  It was so cold and windy we didn’t want to go out!  Today we had church and we’ve got no plans either.

The fluid in Lindy’s ears have really been causing her hearing problems.  Everyone is seeing how much it is affecting her hearing.  We’ve noticed it at home and both her teachers are seeing it as well at school.  I don’t really know what to do about it though.  We went to the ENT two weeks ago and he wanted to give her until the beginning of March to see if it’d clear up on it’s own.  But she has had so much trouble hearing us that I don’t know if we can wait that long.  I might give it a week and if it’s still this bad I might have to give them a call.

So that is the week in review.  I didn’t take many pictures but here is what I have.

Look at that beautiful foot!  I don’t miss the cast!DSC_0280Cute and warm outfits.DSC_0282DSC_0286DSC_0319Church outfits today.DSC_0325Ladybug Girl (and for those who know I hate ladybugs – I’m actually coming around to them lately.  My new hatred is with stink bugs.  Which are a lot more gross).DSC_0346Monkey See Monkey Do.DSC_0334I don’t know what these crazy grins are or why they are both doing it.  DSC_0335They came home from church and played their ixL’s while I was making lunch.  I found them facing the wall while playing.  It looked funny!DSC_0347We had red velvet pancakes tonight for dinner.  Thanks Nana!DSC_0350FYI – when you throw up red velvet pancakes – they come out white.  I know this because she choked on her allergy medicine and we saw these pancakes again.  Who would have thunk it?!DSC_0352How I found Lou tonight.  I think she needs another pillow.  What do you think?!DSC_0354

We made our Valentines this year so that took us a couple of afternoons to do.  I’ve had these Valentines planned for an entire year, after I saw them in Family Fun magazine last year.  I went out after Valentine’s Day last year and found the right pan to do them in and I saved crayons the entire year.  If we went to a restaurant and the kids got crayons I took them with us.  And then Pinterest happened!  Although I love it and I’m addicted, my idea for Valentine’s is all over Pinterest.  So we’ll see if we were the only ones to make the heart shaped crayons.  The kids helped do most of it so that was fun.

Peeling the wrappers off the crayons.DSC_0292DSC_0294Our pile of crayonsDSC_0295Time to snap them into little bits!DSC_0301Guess who LOVED this part!DSC_0302DSC_0306Filling up the heart molds with crayons.DSC_0310DSC_0312Today Will wrote his name on all of his.  DSC_0349The finished products!  DSC_0357DSC_0358Here is what we did for the kids’ teachers.  We gave them each a little tube of lotion with this message on it.  Lindy has 6 teachers.  yikes!  We had to do something economical!  DSC_0356

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