Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun Weekend with Old Friends

It was another busy week in our household.  Drew left early Monday morning to go to “clergy fat camp.”  Ha ha.  It was actually a retreat for a clergy health initiative they are doing to try and get the clergy healthier and try to lower our health insurance costs.  He was gone from Monday morning until Wednesday afternoon. 

Our couple days without him were pretty laid back because Lindy was under the weather.  She ended up having a fever again on Tuesday and she got sick two more times Tuesday morning.  Mimo was already planning to come help me out so that was good.  She arrived early Tuesday afternoon.  I was able to go run a couple errands while she was here which was nice.  We didn’t end up going to gymnastics or to our Fat Tuesday pancake supper at church though.

Wednesday morning was the March of Dimes kickoff meeting and I needed to get there at 6:15am to help set up.  With Drew gone there was no way I could go without having someone come help me out.  Mimo to the rescue!  I checked Lindy at 4:30am and 6am before I left and she had no fever so Lynn got the kids up and ready for school and then took them to school.  We met back up at home and then we both went to pick the kids up and take them to music class.  They were both excited to see Mimo at music class.  Daddy got home early afternoon and Mimo headed out.  I really appreciated her helping me out so I could go to the breakfast.

Thursday Lindy had physical therapy.  Jill said she looked pretty good when she was walking fairly slowly but when she sped up she went back up on her toes.  She seemed a little disappointed  that she wasn’t staying down off her toes more.  Lindy was pretty tired and acting up just a little bit.  The girl is a nut anyway.  Drew and Will rode bikes, went to the library and stopped by a park on the way home. 

Friday I picked the kids up from school and Drew met us with sandwiches and we had a little picnic at the playground outside the school.  We stayed there for about 45 minutes and then headed to another playground to meet up with Katie and Claire and another friend Lauren and her daughter Isabelle.  It was about 75F outside so it was a great day to be outside.  There was some crazy wind but it was still nice.  We were on a playground that Lindy could do everything by herself (well everything but get on the swings but she didn’t play there much).  It was one of the first times I’ve ever been able to just sit or talk to other moms and not have to help Lindy out.  It was awesome!  We left the playground and went home for a short nap and then headed out for dinner downtown.  We met up with a friend, Melissa, from our old church whom we hadn’t seen in about 6 years.  We had dinner with her and her fiancee and we had a great time.  We miss her and hope we can start seeing her more often now!

Saturday I had two friends from college come visit.  Joanna (we lived together for two years) and Heather arrived around lunchtime.  We ate lunch here and then we headed to see the same play that Drew and I saw last weekend, the Mystery of Edwin Drood.  I loved it so much that I asked if they would be interested in seeing it.  They were both game.  The audience votes the ending of the play so I was interested to see how another show would end.  I loved it just as much the second time as I did the first.  This audience voted a different ending so that was cool.  Joanna and Heather enjoyed it as well.  We headed downtown after the play and had dinner.  We came back to our house after dinner and we played games and danced on the Wii.  A good old girls’ night!

Will started coughing on Thursday and then on Friday had a froggy sounding voice.  He seemed and acted fine.  Saturday afternoon his nose started running.  WOW – I never knew so much snot could come from one little 27lb body.  He got up this morning and said he didn’t feel great and didn’t feel like going to church.  Joanna and Heather left around 11am.  I’m glad we decided to skip church because of the amount of snot coming from his nose.  It’s flowed continuously all day long and now his nose is broken down.  He keeps telling me it’s ‘steaming’ but he means ‘stinging.’  We’ll see how he is feeling tomorrow morning and if the flow has slowed down! 

That sums it up.  Here are pictures from our week.

I really needed to take my shower on Tuesday but didn’t know what to do with Lindy since she’d gotten sick twice that morning.  This was my view from the shower.  I put her and the throw up bucket and some books in my bathtub.  I figured if she threw up it was at least all contained.DSC_0634Playing Elefun with MimoDSC_0636DSC_0640Princess…Queen…Not really sure!DSC_0642I’ve been working on writing letters with Lindy and she wrote Will’s name all by herself!DSC_0645Lindy has been ‘thinking’ a lot lately.  It’s pretty cute!DSC_0647DSC_0648DSC_0650He’s cute too!DSC_0651Joanna and Lindy having a chat!DSC_0655Lindy loved the phone Heather!DSC_0657Cute Jack picture!DSC_0659

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